10 Amazing Buffalo Instagram Accounts You Need To Be Following

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Written by Sydney Atendido

Published on June 21, 2018

Photo x @buffalodronephotography

It’s 2018 and we all know the majority of our off time is spent casually scrolling through Instagram.  The beautiful pics, attractive people, furry creatures, and of course – the food. But did you know there’s ton of Buffalo accounts that combine everything we love about Instagram with our love for Buffalo?

Drum roll please… here’s the top ten Buffalo Instagram accounts you should be following:

@buffalowingcoalition’s insta

Buffalo’s Wings Coalition


In the history of ever, no city has ever beat the wings here in Buffalo.  To see all the best wings we have, follow Buffalo Wing Coalition. They hype up all the places with the best wings…aka basically every place that has wings.

@buffalomunchie’s insta

Buffalo Munchies


There is no denying that after a few drinks / at midnight / when you’re sitting at home watching Netflix for 14 hours sometimes, the munchies get REAL.  If you’re a big foodie  or even if you just enjoy food in general follow Buffalo Munchies for serious inspo during your next munchie run.

@chucktingley’s insta

Chuck Tingley


Be wowed by the incredible street art that Chuck Tingley creates all over town and get a behind-the-scenes look at his creative process.

@dogsofbuffalo’s insta

Dogs of Buffalo


If you love dogs then congrats you’re not serial killer dog haters don’t @ us.  Dogs of Buffalo is a perfect combo of dogs + the city we all love, and if you use their hashtag your dog can become Insta famous.

@buffalobrunch’s insta

Buffalo Brunch


Obviously you know a little about brunch if you’re a frequent reader of Step Out Buffalo. Buffalo Brunch shares her brunching journey across WNY with mouth watering shots and srs food porn.

@buffalonysport’s insta

Buffalo Sports


How into pretending you know sports so you can impress your friends sports are you? Buffalo Sports will help you be in the know with the latest news and highlights, right on your Insta feed.

@buffalodronephotography’s insta

Buffalo Drone Photography


Instagram is *all* about the angles, and Buffalo Drone Photography is getting every single one. Their overhead shots all over town are an amazing daily reminder of how pretty this place is…and it’s p great.   

@breath_buffalo’s insta

Breathe Buffalo


You gotta have some humor in your life when you’re snowed in 8 months out of the year October, December, May… And having Breathe Buffalo in your newsfeed will def bring some laughter to your newsfeed when you need it most/every day.

@historyofbuffalo’s insta

History of Buffalo


We all know that Buffalo’s pretty great right now, but it’s fun to be reminded of how great it was back in the day too. History of Buffalo posts photos of buildings all over town and gives the history of each building including who lived there and how their lives impacted the city.

@stepoutbuffalo’s insta

Step Out Buffalo


I mean… duh. We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but if you want all things Buffalo (the food, the dogs, the history, the drone shots, the sunsets) Step Out Buffalo has it all. Plus, if you want the latest on new restaurants, fun events, and places you didn’t even know existed…we’ve got that too. It’s like every reason you love Buffalo is on one Instagram account, and you can even get your own photos featured by using #hashtagstepoutbuffalo on your own pics. 


Written by <a href="" target="_self">Sydney Atendido</a>

Written by Sydney Atendido

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