10 Funky Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s Day

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Written by Emily Morrow

Published on January 27, 2014
Valentine's Day Salad at CRAVing

Valentine’s Day Salad at CRAVing

Different restaurants for different people. (I’m not saying age is the main factor, buttttt) Plus, some people are just more fun than others. If you’re one of those on the so-called “more fun” side of things, these are the 10 for you. Call and make a reservation fast. There are quite a few fun people in WNY (and growing).


1. CRAVing

1472 Hertel Ave Buffalo, NY 14216 | (716) 883-1675

CRAVing has an eclectic vibe that makes you feel relaxed, comfortable and open to enjoy the forward approach they take with the menu. If you’re into adventurous eating, like being surprised by the food that is placed in front of you, and the flavors that meet your mouth, make your resy here. Plus, they have a long banquette running down the side of the restaurant – a design that oozes romance and luxury, while keeping it funky.



475 Ellicott Street, Buffalo NY | (716) 332-2928

Another banquette! You know what that means. In addition to the funky ambiance created by lighting and simplistic design, the food is sexy. Explore unique combinations of culture via sushi. Beef on Weck Sushi Roll. Enough said.


3. Allen Street Hardware Cafe

 245 Allen St, Buffalo NY | (716) 882-8843

At the Allen Street Hardware Cafe, expect to have dim lighting and a cozy intimate table. It’s the kind of place where you can get great service without being bombarded with feelings of guilt, causing you to make more small talk with your server than you’d like. They’ll serve you your delicious food, bring you what you need, and leave you in peace otherwise. Plus it’s a nice starting point to grab a post dinner date cocktail near by.


4. jojo Bar & Bistro

5493 Sheridan Dr. Williamsville NY 14226 | (716) 204-8663

jojo’s strong design features and deep wine racks (so extensive they need a ladder) remind me of a library. The atmosphere relaxes you and makes you giddy at the same time. I don’t know about you, but on Valentine’s Day, I want to be swallowed up by the environment. I want to feel like no one is watching me, or cares that I’m there, except the person I’m with (and the server that’s refilling my glass). That’s what makes libraries so romantic. So this is like that, only the shelves house wine instead of books.


5. Torches

1141 Kenmore Ave Buffalo NY | (716) 447-7915

Right at the top of their website, Torches let’s you know what’s important to them – innovative and elegant cuisine in a modern, fine dining atmosphere. Which happens to be exactly what is important to us! And our readers. Elegance is highly underrated in dishes – it can make or break an experience. So take it, don’t leave it. Have some fun with your loved one.


6. Brioso

5195 Main St Williamsville, NY 14221 | (716) 828-8370

If you’re looking to have some fun and try a somewhat different cuisine, make a res at Brioso by Butterwood in the Wyndham Garden Hotel (then just stay?). The menu is interesting and tasty with a Latin/Southwestern flare. Plus, they have ridiculous desserts for you and your sweetie pie (ya know, to take upstairs).


7. Blue Lantern Lounge

6120 Seneca Street, Elma NY  14059 | (716) 652- 2583

Definitely a funky, fun, off beat choice for Valentine’s Day. They have signature dishes that are sure to hit the spot and please all around. You’ve got quite a few people backing this recommendation.


8. Coco Bistro & Bar

888 Main St. Buffalo, NY | (716) 332-1885

One of the most romantic places on Earth? France – not a myth. Coco’s French cuisine and flirty atmosphere will have you feeling as if your on a (fleeting) romantic getaway.


9. Black Rock Kitchen & Bar

491 Amherst Street Buffalo NY | (716) 551-0261

If you’re looking for good food AND a good time for your Valentine’s Day date, BRKB is the right place at the right time. The menu is exciting, the food is just right, and the restaurant will be filled with live jazz. This is a date for people that like to fully enjoy.


10. Butterwood Sweet & Savory

391 Washington Street Buffalo, NY | (716) 652-0131

Maybe some wouldn’t consider Butterwood “funky”, but is it definitely unique. The descending entryway from the street takes your mind to Upper Manhattan immediately. Then, you’re welcomed with high ceilings and light, elegant hues. Your gaze falls over a royal, delicious banquette (ahhh). Just taking in the room is romantic in itself. The menu is nice, the food good and the design grand.

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Emily Morrow</a>

Written by Emily Morrow

Emily is co-founder and Director of Storytelling at Step Out Buffalo. Her favorite things to do are eat, travel, and think up business ideas. Emily is originally from Hamburg, NY and her out of town friends will tell you that she loves to talk about Buffalo any chance she gets.
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