10 Live Music Events That Should Be on Your Radar in April

The Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats play at Asbury Hall on April 20th

Putting together a show rundown is a thankless job, Step Out Buffalo Reader: Someone’s favorite band or artist always gets left out, and then we all have to read about it in the comments.

Going into this in full “Don’t @ Me” mode, here are the shows you need to know, with a little bit about why I think it should be on your radar.

Disclaimer: There are many great April shows not listed here. This list is not a “Best of…” list. It’s just a list aimed at providing value and service to our readership – you know, so you’re not that guy who finds out about a show 2 days later. Not too short, not too long. Hopefully, it’s interesting and useful. Don’t @ me.



Consider the Source w/ Rhubarb

DATE: April 4th

LOCATION: Buffalo Iron Works

COST: $10 – 15


Do you like extend-o jamz, booty-shaking beats and “alien sounds soaked in Indian and Middle Eastern styles”? Then consider Consider the Source. Local support act Rhubarb have been jamming since the 90s; not literally.


Wolf Alice + The Big Pink

DATE: April 6th

LOCATION: Town Ballroom

COST: $18 – 20


Presented by 103.3 The Eeeeedge, Wolf Alice brings catchy, crunchy modern rock to Town Ballroom. If you like bouncing along to the beat and a good melody, you need to see this female-fronted UK band. Synth-pop support act The Big Pink, also from the UK, had a massive hit 6 years ago with “Dominoes”.


Aircraft and The Tins

DATE: April 13th

LOCATION: Thin Man Brewery

COST: Free!!


Aircraft and The Tins are the two best local indie rock bands going, probably. You might know Aircraft’s song “Dig a Little Deeper” from Channel 2 news commercials a few years back.

Also, this one’s at Thin Man so you can catch up on the 15 beers they released since the last time you were there.


Trimania 2018

DATE: April 14th

LOCATION: Tri-Main Development Center

COST: $25 early bird/$30 at the door; $50 VIP/$80 VIP Couple


Held once every three years, Trimania is a celebration of all things local art. You can walk from a full band playing in one performance space to a solo acoustic act playing in a stairwell. There are also art installations and exhibits, but this is a music article so maybe you don’t care about that.



The Mountain Goats

DATE: April 20th

LOCATION: Asbury Hall @ Babeville

COST: $25


Back in the day, reader, musicians used to actually have personalities; they used to engage with their audience as if they were in a room full of best friends, telling stories and jokes between songs. John Darnielle’s The Mountain Goats is a throwback to that old-school idea of show business. In addition to being well-rounded entertainers, the band also plays witty, sometimes gritty, heart-on-your-sleeve folk rock.


Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

DATE: April 21st

LOCATION: Town Ballroom

COST: $33 – 36


Andrew McMahon plays radio-friendly rock with a heavy dose of 80s synthesizers. You know, 2010s pop rock made popular by bands like M83. Listen below.


Ministry + Chelsea Wolfe

DATE: April 22nd

LOCATION: Town Ballroom

COST: $36 – 40


U R goth AF? If so, then you already know about this one. If UR not goth AF, but want some goth in your life, this show will set you straight for at least a year. Maybe more.


Built To Spill & The Afghan Whigs

DATE: April 24th

LOCATION: Town Ballroom

COST: $32.50 – 135 (VIP Afghan Whigs Meet ‘n’ Greet)


Have you heard? The 90s are back, you guys. No not those 90s, N*SYNC fans. The cool 90s. Think the first season of Friends.

If you are an aspiring slacker, then you need to rollerblade your ass down to Town Ballroom for killer 90s double bill: Doc Martens, floral dresses and flannel not required, or whatever.


Beams, dreambeaches, Katie Weissman

DATE: April 26th

LOCATION: Mohawk Place

COST: $7


Ontario has a knack for churning out bittersweet alt-rock bands like The Tragically Hip and The Lowest of the Low. Beams are very much in that tradition and worth checking out now, just in case they become Canada’s next big thing, making them too big to play Mohawk next time around.

Local support act dreambeaches do what it says on the label; make dreamy, beachy music.




DATE: April 27th

LOCATION: Mohawk Place

COST: $20 – 50 (VIP package, includes Meet ‘n’ Greet)


In 2017, cool music blog Pitchfork said Smokepurpp’s album DEADSTAR captured “the sound of the moment” for rap music. So, this is a good one if you like rap music right now, or you want to find out what it’s all about.

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