12 Excellent Bakeries Where You Can Pick Up Dessert

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Written by Naomi Sakovics

Published on April 17, 2019
Elm Street Bakery

Photo courtesy of Elm Street Bakery

Updated November 2019

We all wish we could unleash the inner baker within. You know, the one that would easily win The Great British Bake Off or who tries to make pretty Pinterest cupcakes — and they actually turn out. The reality, for most people, is that while we’re an all-star at the boxed brownie game, our best attempts at anything more turn out like the creations on Netflix’s show Nailed It! But that’s okay, because Buffalo is home to loads of talented people who actually know how to turn flour, sugar, eggs, butter (and a few other things) into masterful, sugary creations.


With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best bakeries in Western New York to pick up dessert for a special occasion, whether that’s cake for a birthday, cupcakes for a shower or box of cookies for a “I’ve had a really terrible day and need cookies” moment. (Hey, no judgement here.) We’ve also included our pick of one item we think you should try from each, because sometimes all that sugary deliciousness just gets a little overwhelming: “What to choose when I want everything?!” We get it.


DiCamillo Bakery

Photo courtesy of DiCamillo Bakery

1. DiCamillo Bakery

Locations in Niagara Falls, Williamsville, Lewiston

716-282-2341 /

Must-try: peanut stick donut

DiCamillo’s Bakery is best known for its heavenly bread, but don’t overlook its sweets. Its peanut stick donut in particular packs an incredibly tasty punch. You can get it at one of its locations throughout the area.


Sweet Beginnings Bakery

Photo courtesy of Sweet Beginnings Bakery

2. Sweet Beginnings Bakery

3759 Delaware Ave., Tonawanda

716-875-1431 /

Must-try: any of their GF items

Sweet Beginnings Bakery is run by a husband-and-wife team that grew up in Tonawanda, where the bakery is located. They serve a wide selection of delicious treats, especially their gluten-free items – a move that is admirable considering the large segment of people that serves.


Butter Block Bakery & Patisserie

Photo courtesy of Butter Block Bakery & Patisserie

3. Butter Block Bakery & Patisserie

Pop-up locations (see website)

Must-try: pop tarts

From croissants to danishes to cookies, Butter Block does it all, and they do it so deliciously. You can find their creations at a few pop-up locations in Western New York. Their goods are carried regularly at Farmers & Artisans, Remedy House and the Farm Shop. (Check their website for deets). Their must-try item is their pop tarts. These are like the pop tarts of your youth but 100 times better.


 Ohlsons Bakery & Cafe

Photo courtesy of Ohlsons Bakery & Cafe

4. Ohlsons Bakery & Cafe

8500 Sheridan Drive, Buffalo

716-626-7783 /

Must-try: pecan muffin

This bakery with unfailingly friendly service offers cakes, scones, muffins, cookies, pastries, pies and even amazing breakfast sandwiches. It’s a cosy spot with everything you could want in a bakery, plus amazing coffee. We recommend trying the pecan muffin.


Elm Street Bakery

Photo courtesy of Elm Street Bakery

5. Elm Street Bakery

72 Elm St., East Aurora

716-652-4720 /

Must-try: chocolate chip cookie

This is an amazing, and eclectic, you’ll-always-leave-happy spot for all kinds of food, including wood-fired pizza, but they do amazing cookies, pastries and cakes, among many other things. We recommend trying the chocolate chip cookie.


 Dessert Deli

Photo courtesy of Dessert Deli

6. Dessert Deli

716 Maple Road, Williamsville

716-689-2115 /

Must-try: any kind of cake with buttercream frosting

Dessert Deli cakes are a little pricey, but worth every penny. The buttercream frosting, in particular, is unreal. If you stop in for a visit, try one of the cake slices with buttercream frosting— or a slice of cheesecake, or both, because you only live once. If you order a cake from here, you can be assured your party guests will be forever grateful.



Photo courtesy of Muscoreli’s

7. Muscoreli’s

3960 Niagara Falls Blvd., North Tonawanda

716-692-9081 /

Must-try: cupcake

You do not have to worry here that that pretty cupcake will turn out to taste like a lump of flavorless frosting atop a dry chunk of flour. Their cupcakes are perfectly rich and moist, and graced on top with the tastiest frosting. Try any one of their many kinds of cupcakes. If people say you cannot hold happiness, they are wrong. They haven’t tried one of Muscoreil’s cupcakes.


Pastry by Camille

Photo courtesy of Pastry by Camille

8. Pastry by Camille

1416 Hertel Ave., Buffalo

646-239-8992 /

Must-try: macaroon

Check out Pastry by Camille and save yourself a plane ticket to Paris, which is where chef Camille learned his craft. Everything here is utterly delicious, but we recommend trying one of the many flavors of macaroons. Bon appetit!


Village Bake Shoppe

Photo courtesy of Village Bake Shoppe

9. Village Bake Shoppe

417 Center St., Lewiston

716-754-2300 /

Must-try: cake-in-a-cup

The Village Bake Shoppe is one of Lewiston’s gems. They offer a number of delectable desserts, in addition to some savory dishes. We recommend trying their cake-in-a-cup.


Blackbird Sweets

Photo courtesy of Blackbird Sweets

10. Blackbird Sweets

1547 Hertel Ave., Buffalo

716-253-1115 /

Must-try: crumb cake

Most people who go here mention their amazing cupcakes, and while they are extraordinary, we recommend trying the equally delicious crumb cakes. They sell a three-pack assortment of crumb cakes that includes the original cinnamon crumb with two additional flavors. With coffee, it’s heavenly.


Wolter's Bakery

Photo courtesy of Wolter’s Bakery

11. Wolter’s Bakery

5225 Sheridan Drive, Williamsville

716-632-3212 /

Must-try: almond ring

Wolter’s Bakery offers an assortment of delicious, sugary delights, but we recommend trying the almond ring. Most almond rings are slightly dried out, but the ones here are a revelation. They are stuffed with almond paste, covered in just the right amount of icing and covered in almond slivers. Careful with this one; you could definitely end up eating the entire ring in one sitting.


McDuffies Bakery

Photo courtesy of McDuffies Bakery

12. McDuffies Bakery

Locations in Clarence, East Aurora, Hamburg

Must-try: cinnamon roll

McDuffies offers a variety of amazing desserts, along with breakfast and lunch and some killer pot pies. We recommend trying one of their enormous cinnamon rolls drenched in icing.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Naomi Sakovics</a>

Written by Naomi Sakovics

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