14 Gorgeous Moody Photos of Buffalo

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Written by Kelsie Engert

Published on May 1, 2018

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Photo x @colin_gordon

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Well, you know what they say… April showers bring May flowers. And these showers are moody af. At this point we can only hope spring is here to stay….but LOL Buffalo. Anyways here are some hella moody pics that beautifully capture the past few dreary months we’ve had in the 716. #hashtagstepoutbuffalo


City Hall in a blanket of fog

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A Mid-Winter Day’s Dream — Niagara County, New York — #bnw_greatshots #bnw_demand #bnwminimalismmag #blackandwhitephotography #featuremeigersbuffalo #fineartphotography #gallery_legit #gominimalmag #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #instagood10k #minimal #minimal_perfection #niagarausa #oftheafternoon #cc5k #pentaxk3 #potd #sombrebw #teampentax #buffalony #buffalony #tranquility #artofvisuals #myfeatureshoot #risebflo #bnw #fog

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That Black & white B-LO charm🙏 📸cred @jeffwelt

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Remember when April showers meant rain? 🌧 #fbf

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Raise your hand if you 🖤Buffalo

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Krieger’s Halloween costume 2017… Georgie 🎈🤡 #apbt_Rater #pitbullsofficial #pitbulladvocate #pittiesofinsta #proudpitbull_feature #ourpitpage @pitbull_4ever_ #dbmpb #buffalodogs #pitbullpeople_feature #pitbull_lo_ve #pitbullgram #pitbull_corner @pitbull.jpg @pitbull___doglover @pitbull_lovers_photos @thedogist @pitbull_trr #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #buffalo #buffaloproud #pittiesofinsta #dogdaysofinstagram @pitbull_4ever_ @staffy.moments @staffymoments #staffordshirebullterrier_feature @staffy_daily @pitbull_advocate #apbt_showcase #thisisbully @pitbulladdict #pitbullsofinstagram @pitbull_my_love7 #it #itthemovie #georgie #dogsofbuffalo #spreadtherummer #igersbuffalo @pitbull.myheart @jacksonrobertscottofficial #dogvills #dogdotcomcares #pitbullloversfc @sweetmoments.pit

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You might not have guessed this (or maybe you did), but it isn’t always easy for Ben and I to work together as a husband/wife team. We definitely disagree on things (like all couples do), and sometimes it’s HARD to not bring our personal disagreements into our work, but we’ve been at this for so long now that we’ve figured out how to be super functional on the job even when we want to rip each other’s faces off. 😂 The beautiful thing about photographing weddings every weekend is the way it often helps us when we’re having an extra tough week in our own marriage. Working at a wedding together and hearing people speak the most heartfelt words of commitment (often through tears) is usually enough to make us forget whatever it was we were mad about in the first place. After all, ten years ago, it was US up there saying those same words with no idea what life had in store or even what it meant to be married; but, we were eager to take on whatever it would be TOGETHER. I can distinctly remember Kara and Brian’s wedding day👆🏼as one of those days where we started out giving each other wicked evil side eye, and ended the day not able to even remember why we were mad in the first place. Their vows were so beautiful and the love that surrounded them the entire day was enough to shift the energy of everyone who came in contact with them, including ours. ❤ I blogged my favorites from K + B’s day, and while I think the photos do a great job of telling the story, it’s the thoughts/memories they shared throughout the post that really bring it all to life! (Link in profile!!) #ayresweddings

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Kelsie Engert</a>

Written by Kelsie Engert

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