22 Reasons to Move to Buffalo According to a Californian

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Written by Amanda Ross

Published on December 9, 2019
Buffalo Bloody Mary Fest 2018 / Photo x Mike Shriver

Buffalo Bloody Mary Fest 2018 / Photo x Mike Shriver

As Buffalonians, we know that Buffalo is getting better by the minute. People outside of this small town city and Bills backer bars everywhere are starting to find out just how pleasant it is here, cloudy days ‘n’ all. Buffalo has a lot to offer and apparently SFGate, a San Francisco publication agrees.

In the article, writer Trevor Felch, Bay Area-based freelancer mentions, “Before I started dating a Buffalonian transplant in San Francisco a few years ago, I (a lifelong Californian) knew nothing about Buffalo other than the whole “really cold weather, Rust Belt city, buffalo wings, Bills always lose” quartet.

I’ve learned a lot since about what a special place Buffalo and Western New York are. Buffalonians fiercely love their home for good reason. Yes, it’s a unique place that makes you wanna’ shout! (You’ll understand that reference once you read [below].)”


As you can see, Trevor is spot on. Kudos to his significant other for straightening this guy out. Check out the full article, Looking to ditch expensive SF? Move to Buffalo. Yes, that Buffalo for full explanations of each point including shoutouts to local spots and some darn good reasoning we cannot and will not argue with.


22 Reasons to move to Buffalo, NY:

1. Destination Dining

2. Real Estate

3. Great Beer and Cocktails for a Cheaper Price

4. Wings

5. Buffalo Pizza

6. Diverse and Excellent Dining Scene

7. Festivals, and Lots of them (Helloooooo Buffalo Bloody Mary Fest, Cork Head Wine Festival, Buffalo Whiskey Riot

8. Like SF, Buffalo Is Only One of the Cities in a Fascinating Metro Area

9. Frank Lloyd Wright and Buffalo Architecture


10. Stretch Your Legs with the Ample Green Space

11. Canalside

12. Lake Erie Sunsets

13. The Bills

14. Rooftop Bars and a Canadian View

15. Tappo’s Igloo Bar

16. Traffic is Bad but not That Bad

17. The Arts

18. Not the Rusty Rust Belt


19. Buffalo’s Nearby Wine Countries… In Two Countries

20. Niagara Falls

21. Autumn is Spooky and Great

22. Dessert

23. It isn’t Always Blizzards


Remember to check out the full article on SFGate, here! Do you agree with their reasons?

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Amanda Ross</a>

Written by Amanda Ross

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