25 Fun Events to Check Out in Buffalo This March

Baked Cupcakery in Grand Island NY

Cupcakes from Baked Cupcakery / Step Out Buffalo

Things to do in March 2017

March has arrived and with it comes a whole new type of event – it’s called the we-kind-of-want-to-be-inside-kind-of-want-to-be-outside-but-its-cold-still event. We know it’s been a long road to get here, but we are almost on the other side of winter, Western New York. Hang in there! Until it’s *actually* warm (real talk: 50 degrees), we’ll stick to mostly indoors events minus day drinking in honor of St. Patty.

Up this month we have the Bloody Mary Fest Presented by Compeer (hosted by yours truly), Beerology at the Science Museum, the Kiss Cupcake Challenge, St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans, parades, and celebrations, plus a whole bunch more for your its-almost-spring festivities!

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