The Best Restaurants In Buffalo According To International Food Bloggers

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Written by Alexis Arth

Published on August 26, 2020

Duffs wings

Photo courtesy of Duffs

International food bloggers from Lisbon, Daryl and Mindi Hirsch, spent a week in Buffalo exploring all of the different kinds of food that you can find.  In their article, they listed the best Buffalo restaurants, cafes, and bars to head to on your next outing.

“Buffalo is a city with a unique food culture that permeates at all price points. As food travelers, we immediately felt at home with the city, its food and its people. With just a week, we had great success in our quest to find the best places to eat in Buffalo.”

When you hear Buffalo and food in the same sentence, most people immediately think of chicken wings.  That’s because Buffalo is known for its famous hot wings, but there are so many more classic Buffalo foods to discover as well.
According to the article, here are some of the best places to eat in Buffalo…


Smitty Style Wings / Photo courtesy of Doc Sullivans

Of course, starting off with the Buffalo classic: chicken wings

  1. Duff’s Famous Wings
  2. Anchor Bar
  3. Elmo’s Bar and Restaurant
  4. Gabriel’s Gate
  5. Bar-Bill Tavern
  6. Doc Sullivan’s
  7. Gene McCarthy’s Old First Ward Brewing Company
  8. Kelly’s Corner
  9. Mammoser’s Tavern


Bar Bill North

Photo courtesy of Bar Bill

Next up, they listed the best places to get an iconic beef on weck sandwich

  1. Schwabl’s
  2. Bar-Bill Tavern
  3. Anderson’s
  4. Charlie the Butcher

“Eating iconic food in Buffalo is a must – we get that. However, we found the real excitement at newer restaurants pushing Buffalo’s culinary envelope on a daily basis.”


Brunch at The Grange Community Kitchen / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

Don’t miss these top Buffalo restaurants, according to 2foodtrippers

  1. The Dapper Goose
  2. Las Puertas
  3. Seabar Sushi – since closed
  4. The Black Sheep
  5. Toutant
  6. Causal Buffalo Restaurants and Cafes
  7. Swan Street Diner
  8. The Grange Community Kitchen
  9. Chef’s
  10. Five Points Bakery and Toast Cafe
  11. Ballyhoo
  12. Breadhive Bakery and Cafe
  13. Bocce Club Pizza
  14. Ted’s Hot Dogs
  15. Llyod Taco Factory
  16. Ru’s Pierogi
  17. West Side Bazzar


Lake Effect Ice Cream

Photo courtesy of Lake Effect Ice Cream

Desserts are also a big part of the Buffalo food and culture

This guide gives a few suggestions on where to get the best desserts around Buffalo; especially sponge candy, a Buffalo classic.

  1. Parkside Candy
  2. Alethea’s Chocolates
  3. Antoinette’s Sweets
  4. Ko-Ed Candy
  5. Watson’s Chocolates
  6. Paula’s Donuts
  7. Anderson’s Frozen Custard
  8. Lake Effect Artisan Ice Cream

“From coffee to cocktails, drinking in Buffalo in a popular thing to do. Perhaps this popularity is due to the city’s weather that skews cold in the winter and warm in summer. Or perhaps it’s related to the fact that bars are open until 4 am. Yes, you can practically drink until dawn in Buffalo.”


study Remedy House

Remedy House / Photo courtesy of instagram: @aardrian

Best Places to get Coffee in Buffalo

  1. Public Espresso
  2. Remedy House
  3. Tipico Coffee
  4. Undergrounds Coffee House and Roastery


wine bars: The Little Club

Photo courtesy of The Little Club

Best Bars and Breweries in Buffalo

  1. The Little Club
  2. Marble + Rye
  3. Community Beer Works
  4. Big Ditch Brewing Company
  5. Thin Man Brewery

We agree, these are great suggestions for places to eat or drink in Buffalo!
Read the full article “Buffalo Food Guide – The Best Buffalo Restaurants” here

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Alexis Arth</a>

Written by Alexis Arth

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