3 Scratch Ice Cream Shops on Hertel You Have to Try

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Written by Francesca Bond

Published on July 19, 2017

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Lake Effect Ice Cream Sundae – El Guapo / Step Out Buffalo

Originally published: July 2017  |  Updated: July 2020
Forget bar crawl. We’re going on an ice cream crawl.
Did you know Hertel Avenue is an ice cream haven? Within a few months three unique ice cream shops opened their doors right on Hertel. The best part is, each of these shops make their own ice cream from scratch, and each has something about them that sets them apart from the others.



1. Lake Effect Ice Cream

Lake Effect opened their second location recently on the corner of Carmel and Hertel. With an adorable indoor-outdoor setup and cute patio, Lake Effect is definitely the largest of the three with the most seating. Lake Effect specializes in hard ice cream, with a large variety of creative flavors you won’t see anywhere else. They have Buffalo inspired flavors such as Loganberry, Sponge Candy, Revolution Coffee (blended with espresso beans from Public Coffee) and Paula’s Glazed Donut. Click here for a full list of flavors since there are too many delicious ones to list. They also have specialty-made ice cream cakes and gourmet sundaes, all for reasonable prices.
Click here for a full list of flavors since there are too many delicious ones to list. They also have specialty-made ice cream cakes and gourmet sundaes, all for reasonable prices.
Highlights: Huge list of interesting flavors, locally-inspired flavors, huge patio
1900 Hertel Ave // Website // Menu

Hertel Avenue Poutine & Cream

Hertel Avenue Poutine & Cream / Photo x Brett Andersen

2. Hertel Avenue Poutine and Cream

Ah the memories, going through the McDonald’s drive-thru to get a McFlurry and fries, because there is no better combination than greasy french fries and sweet ice cream. Allen Street Poutine, Buffalo’s favorite go-to poutine restaurant, decided to tap in on the potential of french fries and ice cream and launched the ice cream shops of all ice cream shops.
They have a menu full of elaborate desserts such as Freak Shakes such as the Nutella ice cream, with a banana, chocolate pieces, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a cherry. They’re also known for their Creamy Buns, which are essentially ice cream filled doughnuts of deliciousness. They have PB&J, Cookie Monster, Birthday Bun and more. Not to mention quite a few poutine options.
Highlights: Creative milkshakes, fries and poutine, creamy buns
1488 Hertel Ave // Website // Menu



3. Churn Soft Serve

Churn Soft Serve, sister brand of Lloyd Taco, specializes in homemade soft serve made from grass-fed cows with minimal processing. Churn is attached to Lloyd and has an adorable interior that makes you feel like you’re in world’s cutest ice cream shop.
You could just get soft serve at Churn but once you see the menu full of sundaes you would never even think to think of, you’ll probably change your mind. They have Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coconut soft serve which they turn into different sundaes including The Samoan (add toasted coconut, shortbread, caramel sauce and chocolate chips) and De la Lloyd (add aztec brownie, oreo crumbs, cacao nibs, and spice dust). Added bonus- they open early and serve coffee and espresso drinks, or breakfast sundaes, if that’s your thing.
Highlights: Soft serve, unique sundaes, attached to Lloyd taco, serves espresso drinks
1501 Hertel Ave // Facebook Page

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Francesca Bond</a>

Written by Francesca Bond

Francesca was a Step Out Buffalo intern in 2017.
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