2 Outdoor Pizza Patios To Enjoy During Summer in Buffalo

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Written by Mandy Spencer

Published on July 17, 2019

Tappo Pizza in Buffalo, NY / Photo x Mandy Bly

We live for summer time in Buffalo. It’s when everything comes to life as we make it out of long winter hibernation. 

So of course, we’re going to make the most of patio season while we have it here. Here are a couple pizza restaurants around Buffalo with awesome patios to enjoy some ‘za this summer:

Pizza patios are the way to go for an awesome summer of dining out in Buffalo. Let’s hold onto those warm days and golden hours just a little tighter while we can.

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The Drinking Buddy Pizza from Tappo Pizza in Buffalo, NY / Photo x Mandy Bly 

1. Tappo Pizza @ Thin Man Brewery – Chandler Street

166 Chandler St., Buffalo, NY 14207

New to Buffalo as of this year, the folks who run the beloved downtown Tappo Restaurant decided to open Tappo Pizza inside Thin Man Brewery’s new location in North Buffalo. This is such a win-win for us Buffalonians because of the pizza and beer combo.

There honestly is nothing like Tappo Pizza right now. The open hall seating style allows people to sit wherever there’s tables and chairs available inside or outside (if there’s something available because this place is poppin!). Not to mention the insanely cool artwork on the inside and outside of the building as well, giving the atmosphere some bold color.

The location is great because it’s tucked away on Chandler Street in an old industrial building, so there’s minimal street traffic beyond the folks visiting there. The giant garage doors open up to the large patio along the front of the building, allowing for an open-air environment and a casual setting. Often times there is live music out on the patio with local talent as well, which is a nice plus. 

Buffalo pizza blogger menu recommendation: Alla Vodka pizza, a side of onion rings, and the bliss IPA.



Cup and char pepperoni with sweet pepper pizza from Hydraulic Hearth in Buffalo, NY / Photo x Mandy Bly

2. Hydraulic Hearth

716 Swan St, Buffalo, NY 14210

Probably one of the larger outdoor patios for any restaurant in Buffalo, Hydraulic Hearth offers a unique dining experience. The outdoor patio is filled with ample seating, lawn games, an outdoor bar, small trees, pergolas, and sometimes live music too. This place has a lot to offer to the growing Larkinville area.

And best of all, Hydraulic Hearth serves up some yummy brick-oven pizza. Their thin-crust pizzas are consistently hot and fresh. Share multiple pizzas amongst friends or have a personal pizza all to yourself – their pies can fit any sort of occasion you’ve got planned. 

Buffalo pizza blogger menu recommendation: Pepperoni and cheese pizza.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Mandy Spencer</a>

Written by Mandy Spencer

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