3 Reasons to Visit Frightworld This Fall

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Published on October 11, 2021

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Photo courtesy of Frightworld

Did you know America’s biggest indoor screampark is located right here in Buffalo? When you visit Frightworld, you’ll find five award-winning haunted houses here.


Here’s 3 reasons to add Frightworld to your fall bucket list:

Photo courtesy of Frightworld

1. There’s 5 haunted houses in 1 location.  

Tickets start at $35 and a single ticket gives you access to all five attractions at Frightworld! When you visit, you can explore Eeriepalooza Fear Festival, Nightstalkers Reloaded, Eerie State Asylum, Grindhouse, and Insanity. Here’s what to expect when you do: 

  • Nightstalkers Reloaded takes place in a shuddersome basement. The only light guiding in this dark and twisted building comes from the radioactive waste that has turned the inhabitants into creepy creatures.
  • Eerie State Asylum is an abandoned rundown asylum, once known for the horrendous mistreatment of patients. When you enter this institution, you’re being watched. So the question is… will you escape or become the next victim of this forgotten madhouse?
  • Burrowed deep in the bayou, you’ll find an old rustic cabin, overgrown with vines and moss and half buried in the muck. It’s known as the Grindhouse and it’s inhabited by the most beastly and primitive killers imaginable. 
  • Prepare to leave confused, disorenited, perlexed, and puzzled. This intense, high tech, mind boggling attraction is known for pushing visitors to the brink of insanity. Hence the name. 
  • Eeriepalooza took over this land and enthusiastically started the largest music festival of all time. But the previous inhabibtants aren’t happy about it and they make it know. Beware because the Eeriepalooza Fear Festival is downright frightful. 


Photo courtesy of Frightworld

2. It’s an award-winning haunted destination. 

Frightworld describes themselves as the #1 haunted attraction in Buffalo, but they aren’t the only ones who think so! In fact, Frightworld has been recognized by Buzzfeed, Travel Channel and Frighttour as one of the top haunted houses in the entire country. 

Photo courtesy of Frightworld

3. They host special events. 

While Frightworld is known for the thrills and scares, they also have an event for kids (or even adults that don’t like getting scared!). 

Little Frights with Lights is Frightworld’s kid friendly event. It will be held on Saturday October 30 from 11am-3:30pm. Tour Frightworld with the lights on, no monsters with your children as they trick or treat through the attractions. Local vendors will also be onsite. 

On the flip side, Lights Out allows you to experience Frightworld like never before. All of the lights in each of the award winning attractions are turned off. You must navigate through the twists and turns with a single glow stick per group while the monsters continue to lurk and stalk your every move. 

The event will be held on Friday and Saturday, November 5-6 from 6:30pm-12am. 


1001 Hertel Ave, Buffalo

This article is a paid promotion sponsored by an SOB advertiser and designed to share valuable info with our readers.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">SOB Creative</a>

Written by SOB Creative

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