4 Reasons UP2U® RECOVER is Different Than the Average Sports Nutrition and Supplement Company

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Written by SOB Creative

Published on June 20, 2022

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Photo courtesy of UP2U® RECOVER

There’s a lot that happens behind closed doors in the sports nutrition and supplement industry. 

Some companies are transparent with their customers, others not so much. 

Many of them add artificial colors, flavors, gums, and fillers to their products. A new local startup aims to change this by offering an unmatched level of supply chain transparency. 

UP2U® RECOVER is a Buffalo-born initiative dedicated to supporting progress-driven athletes reaching their goals with protein powder and recovery drinks. 

Here’s how UP2U® RECOVER stands out when compared to other companies in the industry: 


Photo courtesy of UP2U® RECOVER

1. UP2U products are backed by years of industry experience and clinical research. 

As part of Lactalis, the largest dairy company in the world, they have years and years of experience helping major sport and performance companies by providing them with protein and ingredients. 

So they decided to make UP2U® RECOVER with their own unique Pronativ® protein that goes beyond standard whey.  Backed by 15 years of scientific research, they call Pronativ® the Ferrari of protein because it provides athletes with cleaner, faster, more effective nutrition.

2. UP2U holds their products to a higher standard. 

Unlike other supplement companies, UP2U® RECOVER drinks and protein powder are made to food standards. They have full control of the whole chain from sourcing the milk from farmers to all the way to packaging the product for customers. 

This level of supply chain transparency is unmatched in the industry.


Photo courtesy of UP2U® RECOVER

3. Their products offer a cleaner, faster, better recovery. 

Other whey protein goes through chemical and heat processing as the by-product of cheese making. 

UP2U® RECOVER protein is cold filtered directly from milk so it retains its nutrients and is quickly absorbed in your body. Because of this cleaner processing, UP2U® protein works harder for you. 

17 grams of their protein triggers muscle growth and recovery while other products need much more to have the same effect.

4. Their products are made with a unique protein. 

A lot of products you find on the shelves are made with the same or similar proteins. UP2U® RECOVER products are all made with their unique Pronativ® native whey protein.

RECOVER drinks have 17 grams of fast-absorbing Pronativ® plus naturally occurring electrolytes and carbs for a nutritionally complete recovery in one bottle. It’s water-based, never milky, and always refreshing! 

Their unflavored protein powder features pure Pronativ® protein with a completely neutral flavor profile. It has higher amounts of leucine – the key amino acid for muscle building – and zero sugars, fats, or carbs, which means it activates muscle synthesis faster and with fewer calories. Plus since it’s unflavored, you can add this versatile protein powder to other foods and drinks.

If you want to learn more about UP2U, visit their website and connect with them on Instagram


This article is a paid promotion sponsored by an SOB advertiser and designed to share valuable info with our readers.

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Written by SOB Creative

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