4 Scenic Fall Hikes to Take North of Buffalo & Beyond

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Written by Step Out Staff

Published on October 2, 2022
Letchworth State Park / Photo from Letchworth’s Facebook

Fall is undoubtedly the most gorgeous season here in Buffalo. From the colorful leaves to the perfect temperaturesBuffalo is positively glowing. The only downside to this season is that it only hits Buffalo, NY for about .7 months, and before you know it, it’s snowing again. Which means you have a hot second to get in all of your fall excursions.

Ahh, so many basic fall activities, so little time.

No worries. We’re here to help you start checking off your list, starting with scenic fall hikes. Below we’ve got four spots that are totally worth the drive for the breathtaking views. 


Letchworth State Park // Photo x Francesca Bond

1. Letchworth State Park

Good for: Majestic views, waterfall pics, beginner hikers, families

Letchworth is good for a gorgeous hike during anytime of the year, but fall in particular will have you falling in loveSpeaking of fall(s), there are 3 waterfalls throughout the park. If you’re a pro, you’ll want to hike them all, but the nice part about Letchworth is that you don’t have to be a regular hiker to enjoy this park. The foliage along the hike is absolutely stunning– you have never seen nature reveal so many colors at once until you’ve been to Letchworth during the autumn!

2. Akron Falls State Park

Good for: Pretty hike with your four-legged friends

This scenic park in Akron is filled with unseen beauty. If you’re looking for a peaceful and relaxing nature hike- suitable for furry friends too– this is the trail for you.  Obviously, its trademark is the waterfall, but the trails surrounding it make for a stunning hike. It’s a short and fairly easy stroll, but trust us, the view of the falls against the backdrop of the colorful autumn leaves makes the trip to Akron so worth it.


waterfalls near buffalo ny, glen falls
Glen Falls / Photo by Patrick Koster

3. Glen Park

Good for: A chill remote hike close to booze and food

This is a gorgeous park in a spot where you would never expect it; just beyond a gate off of Main Street in Williamsville. Once you step foot into the park, you instantly escape the hustle and bustle of the street scene and find yourself immersed in a series of trails surrounded by colorful autumn trees that travel along Ellicott Creek and of course, a flowing waterfall. Also, Moor Pat is right down the street and makes for the perfect post-hike stop for a brew in the beer garden.

4. Devil’s Hole State Park

Good for: A challenge

If you’re feeling up to a bit of a challenge (and by that, we mean not just your typical leisurely walk) and some real views, keep reading. The Devil’s Hole trail will take you along the beautiful aqua blue waters of the Niagara River and through the actual gorge where you can get a close-up view of the rapids. The autumn colors against the water and stone are breathtaking. By the way, the hike will take you at least a couple of hours, so be prepared for chilly fall winds and whole lot of stairs– rocky ones.  

This post was originally published in 2018 and has been updated.

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Written by Step Out Staff

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