5 Classes That Will Help to Embrace Your Creativity at Buffalo Aerial Dance

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Aerial dance is an art everyone can fall in love with thanks to studios like this one. As Buffalo’s original aerial arts studio, Buffalo Aerial Dance values its local roots. Over the years, a very special community has developed inside this beautiful historical space.

There’s a class for every skill level at Buffalo Aerial Dance. From total beginners to pre-professionals everyone is welcome here.


Photo courtesy of Buffalo Aerial Dance


1. Level 1 Intro to Aerial

If you’re brand new to the world of aerial, this class is for you. You’ll slowly become acquainted with silks, trapeze, and lyra. This intro class moves forward at a beginner-friendly pace and gives you a solid foundation.

More Info: aerialdancebuffalo.com/intro


2. Level 1-2 Lyra

Zero lyra experience required here. This class is open to brand-new beginners and students with up to a year of lyra experience. From solid entrances to ways to mount the hoop to poses in and under the lyra, you’ll learn and master the basics here. If you’re comfortable, the sequences can be done with a spin!

More Info: aerialdancebuffalo.com/level-1-2lyra



3. Level 1-2 Silks

This class is open to total beginners as well as those with up to a year of silks experience. From footlock poses and work in the bunny-knot to strength building drills this class is full of variety. You’ll also learn several fundamental climbs to get yourself up in the air. If you move on to level 2, you’ll start learning leg wraps, hip keys, and crochets.

More Info: aerialdancebuffalo.com/level-1-2silks


4. Level 2-4 Intermediate Lyra Choreography

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can try a class like this one. Lyra lends itself to beautiful sequences, shapes, and spins. A short sequence of poses is introduced during each class, and then you learn how to make transitions between poses and add your own style. Along the way, you’ll even learn how to create your own choreography.  This is a mixed level class aka a variety of skill levels can participate.

More Info: aerialdancebuffalo.com/intermediatelyra


5. Level 2-3 Intermediate Trapeze & Silks

This mixed-apparatus class involves learning sequences on both the trapeze and silks. If one apparatus is calling your name, you’ll be given the opportunity to focus on your preferred apparatus. As you progress, you’ll be introduced to more challenging inversions and poses, and eventually many students move on to dynamic moves including beats, drops, and spins.

More Info: aerialdancebuffalo.com/level2-3-trapezesilks


Buffalo Aerial Dance
Photo courtesy of Buffalo Aerial Dance


BONUS! Youth Classes

Are you ready for the most epic pro tip? Buffalo Aerial Dance offers kids session too! Go ahead, just imagine your little ones having a ball on these hoops and silks. Classes are offered for age ranges 7-11 years old and teens ages 11-15. We’re willing to bet this is something that your kiddos will be super into, especially if they have experience in gymnastics, dance, or martial arts, but even if they don’t, they are welcome. Check out the kids classes here, open for registration and classes starting January 12 and 13.

Aerial dance is about more than just tricks, it’s about expressing your creative side. Plus, it’s a damn good workout. Intrigued? Venture over to this local studio and give it a spin.


Buffalo Aerial Dance

255 Great Arrow, Suite 312



This article is a paid promotion by one of our advertisers. With these paid articles our goal is to share valuable information with our readers that we think you’ll find useful and interesting.

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