5 Classes to Check Out at Barre Fitness & Beyond

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Written by SOB Creative

Published on July 16, 2018

Photo courtesy of Barre Fitness & Beyond

Are you barre obsessed? The barre workout you know and love is at Barre Fitness and Beyond in North Buffalo. Dance experience is not required, and everyone is welcome at this local studio. Did you know this particular spot offers more than the signature barre class? Check out any of these 5 classes for another way to get fit and feel fabulous.



1. Barre Mix

A 60 min barre class that has a heavy influence from Pilates. It is a fun, energetic workout that will tone, define, and sculpt the whole body.


2. Barre Cardio

This 60 min class combines flexibility and strength with an increased cardiovascular element. Your heart rate will increase and your metabolism will continue to burn well after class!


3. Bfab Barre

Our 60 min signature barre class that fuses ballet, Pilates, and yoga is a fun, energetic workout that will tone, define, and sculpt the whole body.


4. Barre Tone

Beautiful, sculpted, lean muscles can be in your future. This class is all about lengthening and strengthening your muscles. You worked hard to get your summer body, now it’s time to focus on keeping it.



5. Yoga

Slow down, and take a breath. This class takes the time to focus on the relationship between breath and pose. You’ll move through many poses during this 60-minute class, and when you are done you’ll feel the power of yoga.


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If you are out and about on Hertel Avenue, visit our friends at Barre Fitness & Beyond. Trust us, once you take a class here, you’ll be hooked. Any fitness plan is all about what works for you! If you’re interested in joining the B.Fab fam, you can pay per class, buy a pack of classes, or sign up for an unlimited packaged. How fabulous, right?


Barre Fitness & Beyond

1599 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo


Written by <a href="" target="_self">SOB Creative</a>

Written by SOB Creative

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