5 Heavenly Buffalo Pizzas to Consume in 2019

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Written by Mandy Spencer

Published on January 23, 2019

Pepperoni pizza from D’agostino’s Pizzeria in Depew, NY / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

We’ve all got our “place.” Your go-to, neighborhood pizza place. It may not be all that great, but it’s conveniently located, affordable, and you don’t have to cook.

If you’re looking to switch it up, maybe it’s time for a new year, new pizza mentality. Here are five heavenly Buffalo pizzas to consume in 2019:




Prosciutto pizza from Giacobbi’s Cucina Citta in Allentown / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

1. Giacobbi’s Cucina Citta

59 Allen St, Buffalo

If you appreciate attention to detail and rich flavors, Giacobbi’s should be your next dining destination. Newly established in Allentown, Giacobbi’s casual and cozy dine-in atmosphere is perfect for any occasion. (Yes, you can look classy with your glass of wine and eat some za here.) Their thin crust pizza surprisingly holds its own with sturdiness and crispiness. As for flavor, they do an excellent job of evenly dispersing the toppings throughout so all the flavors can be enjoyed together in each bite.

Buffalo pizza blogger menu recommendation: Prosciutto pizza


White pizza and pepperoni pizza from Muscarella’s in Williamsville, NY / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

2. Muscarella’s Pizza

5526 Main St, Williamsville

Located on Main St. in Williamsville, Muscarella’s is a great takeout option for a thin-to-medium crust pizza. Lighter on the sauce, Muscarella’s allows you to really enjoy that Buffalo-style crisp and crunch that we love so much. Aside from great pizza is also great service – you can order online ahead of time and be one step closer to devouring.

Buffalo pizza blogger menu recommendation: Sicilian white pizza


Buffalo chicken pizza from JJ’s Casa Di Pizza in downtown Buffalo, NY / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

3. JJ’s Casa Di Pizza

11 E Mohawk St, Buffalo

Whether you’re grabbing a slice on your lunch break or visiting downtown, Casa is where it’s at. This is the type of pizza that’s cooked to literal perfection all the time – still doughy on the top and crunchy underneath. If you prefer an even cheese-to-sauce ratio, this is the pizza for you! The quality of Casa’s pizza makes them a standout.

Buffalo pizza blogger menu recommendation: Buffalo chicken pizza




Pepperoni pizza from Mustachio’s in Kenmore, NY / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

4. Mustachio’s Pizzeria

2701 Elmwood Ave., Kenmore

Sometimes the best places are the “hole-in-the-wall” kind. Located in Kenmore at the north end of Elmwood, Mustachio’s consistently serves up mouthwatering pizzas that truly deliver in taste. Key features include a zesty and herby sauce, ample amounts of cheese, and just the right mixture of flop and crunch. Plus, the crust actually has a strong doughy flavor vs. tasting like cardboard at other places.

Buffalo pizza blogger menu recommendation: Classic cheese pizza


Pepperoni pizza from D’agostino’s Pizzeria in Depew, NY / Photo x @buffalopizzablogger

5. D’agostino’s Pizzeria

576 Dick Rd. suite 60, Depew

If there could ever be an award for the “Most Buffalo” of Buffalo pizzas, D’agostino’s would be it. Medium-to-thicker crust, this Depew pizza spot makes the perfect party pizza to satisfy a crowd. You feel like you’re getting your money’s worth with D’agostino’s because the slices are large and the toppings are plentiful! They are not shy on loading up and filling you up. (The grease pools in cup-and-char pepperoni are essential.) Their wings are freaking good too, which is always a plus.

Buffalo pizza blogger menu recommendation: Pepperoni and cheese pizza + an order of medium wings


Treat yo self this year to new experiences and new pizzas. There’s something out there for everyone. And shout out to those who continue to support our local pizza establishments.

Pizza & love,


Written by <a href="" target="_self">Mandy Spencer</a>

Written by Mandy Spencer

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