5 Hidden Gem Fish Fry Spots You Should Know About in WNY

Fish Fry at Curry's
Fish Fry at Curry’s / Photo courtesy of Curry’s

Updated March 2020

Fish fry season is upon us, thank you Jesus! There are many elements to be considered when searching for the perfect Buffalo fish fry. First, whether it’s cornmeal or beer batter, the fish has to be coated in a flavorful batter. Second, the sides have an important role in this dish. A fish fry is garbage if it’s sidekick is mac salad drowning in mayo with no flavor or soggy fries. The key is finding an all around, well balanced plate. We’ve all heard of the heavy hitters like Strikers, McPartlan’s, and Wiechec’s Lounge, but if you’re craving something new, check out these 5 hidden gems for a fantastic fish fry this season!

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Hamlin House Fish Fry
Hamlin House Fish Fry / Photo x Step Out Buffalo

1. Hamlin House

432 Franklin St Buffalo, NY 14202


Hamlin House, hands down, has one of the best fish fries in Buffalo. It was originally recommended to me by multiple people last year and now I can’t stop eating there. they give you a giant piece of crispy fish with fresh lemon, your choice of potato, coleslaw, well-seasoned macaroni salad, bread and butter, and (as if that all wasn’t enough to sway you) you get to pick one more side. Literally sides on sides on sides, meaning a bunch of delicious leftovers which I’m always about. You can get the haddock broiled or beer-battered on Fridays from 4 to 9 p.m.


Fish Fry at Curry's
Fish Fry at Curry’s / Photo courtesy of Curry’s

2. Curry’s Restaurant and Pub

864 Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, New York 14216


Curry’s might be known around town originally for their Signature Dibbles, but this highly recommended fish fry spot needs to be added to your list ASAP. A dibble is a sandwich consisting of stuffed banana peppers sauteed and smothered with mozzarella cheese, served on toasted garlic bread (with an option to add a protein). Have a date night or bring a friend to split a Dibble and one of their giant fish fries.  Their fish fries, served on Fridays, come with macaroni salad, your choice of starch (baked potato, rice, french fries, and German potato salad), and rye bread. You can choose from breaded, broiled, beer-battered, half of a beer battered fish fry, and the fish sandwich served on a roll with tomato, lettuce, and your choice of fries, coleslaw, or mac salad.




Amherst Ale House Fish Fry
Amherst Ale House Fish Fry / Photo courtesy of Amherst Ale House

3. Amherst Pizza and Ale House

55 Crosspoint Pkwy, Getzville, New York 14068


Don’t let the name fool you because they have way more than just good pizza and beer. On Fridays, you can enjoy a gigantic beer battered haddock, extra crispy, serves with all the best sides like coleslaw, potato salad, macaroni salad, and those flat soft, really starchy french fries. You can enjoy a fish sandwich with a huge piece of beer battered haddock (baked or fried) served on a roll with french fries.  They even have other fish dishes to choose from like the Luca Brasi (baked or fried) served with a side of tangy tartar sauce and fresh lemon.


4. Gabriel’s Gate

145 Allen St, Buffalo, NY 14201

Gabriel’s Gate in Allentown has made a name for themselves by serving some of the best wings and French onion soup in Buffalo. With their other dishes being a huge hit,  it’s no surprise that they would have one of the best fish fries in town. They serve deep fried Icelandic brand haddock and serve it with your choice of potato or french fries, bread and butter, and coleslaw on Thursdays and Fridays. For a  $1 upcharge you can opt for a healthier version of either broiled or Cajun fish.




Blackthorn’s Fish Fry

5. Blackthorn Restaurant

2134 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY 14210


Blackthorn has more than just delicious Irish beer cheddar soup loaded with potatoes. Although, that’s a heavy hitter at the restaurant! When you’re looking for fresh options during Lent or just because you love seafood, head here for one of their fish fries. Their fresh haddock fillet comes either broiled, beer-battered, or breaded. It’s served with the pasta salad of the day, your choice of a potato, and coleslaw. They also have a delicious Maryland crab cakes topped with a lemon dill aioli split with the table and share!


Do you have another fish fry recommendation we should know about? Tell us about it at editorial@stepoutbuffalo.com!

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  • Try the Raintree restaurant in Tonawanda- really great food and the fish frys are very delicious- comes with large salad (or soup)and two sides also- baked or fried- excellent ( stay for the band after dinner on Friday)

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