5 Places To Get Bomb AF Chicken Wing Dip In Buffalo

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Photo x Big Ditch

Chicken wing dip. It’s a staple of our Buffalonian society, and NO ONE makes it like we do. And if you’re a true Buffalonian, you know the exact feeling- when all you want is some spicy, cheesy chicken wing dip- with a nice cold beer -and you want it *now*. Guys, why go through the stress of making it yourself when Buffalo has plenty of restaurants that will make it for you, just as good, if not, better?!  Please, don’t strain yourself. 

Here’s where to get chicken wing dip in Buffalo:


buffalo ny, buffalo, step out buffalo
Photo of Big Ditch Brewing Company’s wing dip X Sarah K. (Yelp)

Big Ditch Brewing Company

55 E. Huron St. Buffalo, NY


FYI dip flights exist. That’s right, like flights of beer… but DIPS. Big Ditch is serving up spicy Buffalo chicken dip, PLUS cheesy spinach artichoke and pico de gallo- served with HOUSE MADE crispy tortilla chips. And you might as well get a flight of beer with that too because yolo.


buffalo ny, buffalo, step out buffalo
Photo X Tanvier P. (Yelp)

Local Kitchen and Beer Bar



This rustic little bar is calling it “Buffalo’s best wing dip,” so it has to be good, right? Bonus: this dip is served with fresh corn chips~


buffalo ny, buffalo, step out buffalo
Photo x Matinee


698 Main St, Buffalo, NY


This cozy theatrical craft beer bar (located in the Theatre District virtually right next to Shea’s) is a go-to spot for after-show binging. Or pre-show. Or no-show tbh. Chicken wing dip pairs with just about any drink, and Matinee is doing both.


buffalo ny, buffalo, step out buffalo
Photo of Pearl Street Grille Brewery’s wing dip X Kelly S. (Yelp)

Pearl Street Grill and Brewery

76 Pearl St Buffalo, NY


In case you’re feeling semi-healthy, these guys serve their dip with carrots, celery, AND tortilla chips.#balance amiright?



The Wellington Pub

1541 Hertel Ave Buffalo, NY


This pub on Hertel pretty much made chicken wing dip a full meal aka the portion size is HUGE. Also it’s so good you won’t want to eat anything else. Perfect for sharing…or not.

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