5 Quarantine Cocktails You Can Make With Local Booze

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Written by Jessica Kelly

Published on April 7, 2020
Lockhouse cocktails

Lockhouse cocktails / Photo x Jessica Kelly

Have you heard? Due to Covid-19, we’ve temporarily changed our motto to “Stay In, Buffalo”.  And for the foreseeable future we will be posting content that shares how our community can continue to support local businesses while adhering to guidelines set by the CDC.⁠

We’re all going a little stir crazy here with the Coronavirus essentially bringing our lives to a screeching halt, forcing us to spend way more time safely at home than we would otherwise like to. We obviously miss normal life, especially being a team of people that love to share all of the details about the newest bars, restaurants, events, and more, but there are ways to still make the days fun and entertaining other than binging Tiger King… although, thank God for that show. It’s like hillbillies meets the circus meets true crime and has been the source of my entertainment lately, and some of the inspo for this article which you’ll see later. If you’re one of those people trying to resist the social norms by not watching it, get off your high horse and jump on the bandwagon…don’t be a Carole.


Ok, now on to how to entertain yourself at home while still supporting local businesses. Cocktails people! Supporting local distilleries at home has never been easier with local distilleries doing curbside pickup and delivery to keep revenue flowing during these trying times. In an effort to keep ourselves entertained and support local distilleries (and occasionally restaurants and other small businesses), my roommate Kristen and I started the Cocktail of the Day inspired by Chrissy Teigen’s headband of the day. Yes, we even have a theme song. We brainstorm creative ways to use booze in our liquor cabinet to entertain anyone that wants to watch, and ourselves, so follow along on my Instagram @Adventures.Are.Waiting under the Quarantine Cocktails highlight or Kristen’s @khibs and either follow along with our recipes or create your own using local booze! Below are a few drinks we’ve done using WNY spirits along with some other ways to incorporate making craft cocktails at home. 


Black Button cocktails

Black Button QuaranTEAne Cocktail / Photo x Jesssica Kelly

1. Black Button QuaranTEAne Cocktail 

Black Button’s Lilac Gin makes an already citrus forward gin that much more flavorful by adding floral notes. To make this QuaranTEAne Cocktail, pair the Lilac Gin with an iced hibiscus tea and add lemon seltzer for some bubbles. If you’re looking for a great local business that delivers tea orders to you, check out TeaLeafs in Williamsville! She has a variety of floral tears that can be steeped, iced, and used for cocktails.

QuaranTEAne Cocktail:

  • One shot of Black Button Lilac Gin
  • Fill the glass 3/4 of the way with Iced Hibiscus Tea
  • Top it off with Lemon Seltzer
Hartman's Cocktails

Hartman’s Social Distancing Swine / Photo x Jessica Kelly

2. Hartman’s Social Distancing Swine

Hartman’s is not only offering delivery and curbside pick up, but cocktail mixes to go and even virtual cocktail classes online (coming soon). For the cocktail we named the Social Distancing Swine, we used a maple bourbon we had on standby, but this can easily be swapped out for Hartman’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey, just add a little maple syrup if you have it! We combined that with some fresh OJ, brown sugar, bubbly, and candied bacon for garnish. We used a little of the maple syrup to add a brown sugar rim then candied the bacon by pan frying it until it was just about done before placing it on a pan, smothering it in brown sugar, and baking until the sugar caramelized. 

Social Distancing Swine:

  • Shot of Hartman’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Teaspoon of Maple syrup (and use for sticking the sugar to the rim)
  • 3/4 of the glass with Orange juice
  • 1/4 glass Champagne
  • Pinch of Brown sugar (and use for rim)
  • Candied Bacon for garnish


3. Tommyrotter Don Baskin Bloody

We wanted to pay tribute to the show entertaining us all, Tiger King, with what we like to call… the Don Baskin Bloody. We made a Bloody Mary with tomato juice and Muddy Mary Mix, which basically includes all of the flavors and spices you need to make this an incredible Bloody Mary. We added some citrus and pickle juice to give it a salty finish and completed the drink with Tommyrotter vodka and a pickle garnish.

Don Baskin Bloody:

  • Shot of Tommyrotter Vodka
  • Fill the glass with Tomato Juice
  • 2 Tablespoons Muddy Mary Mix (or, let’s be honest, whatever bloody fixin’s you have)
  • Citrus juice from a lemon and lime wedge
  • A splash of Pickle brine
  • Pickle garnish
Lockhouse cocktails

Locked Inside Lockhouse Martini / Photo x Jessica Kelly

4. Locked Inside Lockhouse Martini 

We’ve probably used Lockhouse Distillery products in our cocktails the most because of the variety of flavors and liqueurs they offer. For this martini we used the coffee liqueur they made with Public Espresso coffee in a martini we made with almond milk, Lockhouse Ginnamon, and cinnamon and sugar for the rim. Stay tuned – we have more plans for their coffee liqueur in upcoming cocktails! 

Locked Inside Lockhouse Martini:

  • Shot of Lockhouse Coffee Liqueur
  • Shot of Lockhouse Ginnamo
  • Finish it off with Almond Milk
  • Cinnamon and Sugar (use for the rim)


5. Barn Dog Pandemic Paradise Punch

Barn Dog Craft Distilling in East Aurora makes a Red Boot Rum with a vanilla flavor that can be used in a tropical rum punch – AKA Pandemic Paradise Punch. Blend together frozen fruit or fresh fruit, any tropical blend juice, and Red Boot Rum to bring together a tasty treat while supporting a local, family owned distillery during tough times.

Pandemic Paradise Punch:

  • Shot of Barn Dog Red Boot Vanilla Rum
  • Frozen or fresh fruit
  • Fill the glass with Tropical blend juice
Written by <a href="" target="_self">Jessica Kelly</a>

Written by Jessica Kelly

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