5 Things To Know About Buffalo’s Newest Tea Company Matcha Muscle

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For these Buffalo Based tea purveyors it’s better to do too Matcha than to do too little… or so the saying goes. After launching in 2016 Matcha Muscle has been killing the game in bringing the Matcha Tea craze to Western New York and we are all about it. Whether you’re already a Matcha sensie or totally new to the green tea powder here are 5 things to know about our fav Buffalo Matcha company.



1. Their Matcha Is Not Just For Tea

While you may have seen Matcha lattes or teas on the menu at your favorite coffee shop the green tea powder has tons of uses in the kitchen that are both healthy and delicious. We’re talking everything from Matcha ice cream to breakfast bowls for all you creative cooks out there. Now offering a Matcha Culinary grade you can take your Matcha game to the next level with their growing list of Matcha inspired recipes.


2. It’s Basically The Healthiest Tea Ever

When drinking Matcha, whether it’s as a tea in hot water or mixed with drinks, you are consuming the entire tea leaf. This means you get 100% of that green tea goodness as opposed to the 20% of nutrients actually consumed with steeped tea leaves. Amongst its many health benefits all Matcha Muscle flavors are rich in antioxidants, they help boost metabolism, and they provide hours of energy without the crash.


Photo courtesy of Matcha Muscle

3. Their Matcha Mint Cocktails Are Thing

When it comes to brunch cocktails we know a thing or two ( shoutout to the Buffalo Bloody Mary Festival) so you can imagine how excited we were to discover that Matcha can make for a damn good drink when Matcha Muscle came to our 2017 Cocktail Classic. Made with fresh mint, Matcha, and agave their Gin Mint Matcha Recipe is a must try for all you thirsty cocktail enthusiasts and a refreshing addition to any brunch bash.


Photo courtesy of Matcha Muscle

4. Their Instagram Will Give You Some Serious Matcha Inspiration

Quite possibly the only thing better than the health benefits of Matcha is it’s Instagramability. Follow @Matcha.Muscle for major inspo. Warning: You may not want to stop scrolling.



Photo courtesy of Matcha Muscle

5. They Just Launched A Matcha Box, And We Love It

Feeling overwhelmed? Want to get started on your matcha journey asap? These guys make incorporating Matcha into your daily routine easy with their new Matcha Muscle Box. Included is all three of their Matcha powders including their Culinary Grade (For Cooking), their Just Matcha (For Tea), and their Matcha Muscle Original (Matcha + Protein) for working out.


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