6 Actually Legit Reasons To Visit Darien Lake This Summer

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Written by SOB Creative

Published on May 21, 2018

Photo courtesy of Darien Lake

Darien Lake is known as destination fun for a reason. Come for the new rides, super cool events, and everyone’s favorite thrills. Getting season passes to Darien Lake makes sense for these 6 *actually legit* reasons.

DL Tantrum Teaser from Darien Lake on Vimeo.

There’s a new roller coaster

There’s a new roller coaster for all of you thrill junkies to try. The Tantrum is straight up LITERALLY. Riders travel 98 feet up at a 90-degree angle before being dropped into a pretzel inversion, and you’ll be twisting and turning the rest of the way at 50+ miles per hour.


Glamping. That’s all.

If you love nature but hate packing up all your camping gear (raises hand, nods head), opt for a ready-made campsite. Glamping is the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors without roughing it. These sites have a platform canvas tent and beds already set up for you. Praise be.

Photo courtesy of Darien Lake

They have lasers, pyrotechnics & more

Ignite the Night-Colorblast is full-spectrum laser show that’s fun for the whole family. This show happens every night when the park closes. Staying for the show, is totally worth it. Plus, you have 90+ chances to check it out, so there’s really no reason to miss out. We’re sick of your excuses.

Photo courtesy of Darien Lake

DL’s Father’s Day Car Show actually makes a fantastic Father’s Day gift 

This Father’s Day, treat dad to a day of drinking craft beers and swooning over classic cars. Hot-rods, customs, tuners, convertibles, sports cars, and more are coming to this weekend event. Local breweries will be in attendance and offering craft beer tastings throughout the day. This weekend event is happening June 16 and 17. If dad loves cars and beers, def check it out. P.S. this event is free for season pass holders. #funforthewholefam

You’re NEVER too old for a few almost-pee-your-pants thrills. Admit it.

Get your heart beating and adrenaline pumping on 12+ thrill rides. It’s just good for the soul. These are some of the tallest and fastest roller coaster in NYS, and they speed backward, forward, and launch you hundreds of feet in the air at 80 mph. What more could you ask for out of an adventure day?

Photo courtesy of Darien Lake

Skip work, go swimming

Splashtown is the place to be on a hot, sunny day come summertime. From relaxing on the Lazy River to riding the waves in the wave pool to aquatic thrills, there’s water fun for everyone. Take advantage while you can because the water park (and this weather) is only open seasonally. If you don’t take off work at least one day a week when it’s warm out, is it even summer in WNY?

Pro Tip: Go more often, save mad money

If you plan on spending many days at Darien Lake, we support you and we suggest looking into their season pass options. Getting your money’s worth is an understatement, since you’ll get unlimited visits, free friend tickets, and $200+ in-park savings add up real quick. If you buy 4 or more, season passes are only $59.99 each plus tax for the entire 2018 season. Honestly, you guys, that’s a friggin steal.


Darien Lake

9993 Allegheny Rd., Darien Center, NY / (585) 599-4641


Written by <a href="" target="_self">SOB Creative</a>

Written by SOB Creative

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