7 Beautiful Parks Perfect for Hammocking

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Written by Nora Hassan

Published on April 30, 2022
Photo Courtesy of Nora Hassan

Looking for more ways to get outside in this beautiful Buffalo weather? We have just the thing you need.

If you’ve ever strolled through Delaware Park on a nice day, you’ve seen at least a handful of hammocks. If you’ve ever wanted to stop on a stroll and soak in the outdoors, then hammocking might be for you.

Intimidated? Don’t be – setting up a hammock really only requires two properly distanced trees and a great view (and of course a hammock, which can be found with a quick online search FYI). So, grab a friend, a book, or just yourself and head to these spots perfect for hanging out in the trees.


Hammocks are super light, easy to bring along, and allow you to literally lay out in any spot you choose – aka one of the most relaxing outdoor activities we can think of. Not only that, but you can really go spring, summer and fall. From budding trees and first nice days to catching the fall foliage change colors, this activity is versatile and equally as enjoyable in each season.

Pro tip: Remember to be extra careful in more heavily wooded spots and check all rules and guidelines before you visit.

As always, please remember to leave no trace on your nature excursions!

Photo Courtesy of Nora Hassan

1. Delware Park/Hoyt Lake


This is really the OG hammock spot. Delaware Park is not only beautiful but huge with any number of trees where you can set up. The best part is that Delaware Park has different elevations, so any spot you choose will have a relaxing view. We love going around Hoyt Lake too for a by-the-water vibe. As the hallmark of hammock spots, this one can get a little busy on a nice day so don’t count out the less trafficked parts of the park.

Photo Courtesy of Friends of Knox Farm

2. Knox Farm State Park

East Aurora / Southtowns

A fantastic destination for photos, Knox Farm is also a great place to hang up your hammock. Of course you may have to go down the different paths a bit to find proper trees, but the nature views here are stunning. It’s a great place to both walk and stop to hammock for awhile.

Bonus: Knox Farm is huge, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding yourself a quiet and relaxing spot.


Photo Courtesy of Chestnut Ridge Conservancy

3. Chestnut Ridge Park

Orchard Park / Southtowns

This gorgeous and scenic park that most of us know and love for hiking is not-surprisingly amazing for hammocking too. Chestnut Ridge will give you the ultimate nature fix with plenty of trees and wooded areas to hammock. The trees here make for a lovely view from almost all points in the park.

4. Clarence Town Park

Clarence / Northtowns

If you’re looking for a more casual hammock spot, this one is perfect. You can opt to go further into the park where there is more of a wooded area or pick a few casual trees in the main part. This park is so quaint and relaxing with simple and gorgeous views. You’ll event find a small lake and fountain in the middle.

Photo Courtesy of Cazenovia Park Facebook Page

5. Cazenovia Park

South Buffalo

Hammocking around a 20-acre lake? Yes please. This less popular spot (than Delaware Park) is such a gorgeous park-another Olmsted gem in Buffalo. Caz Park is a more wooded area but offers a woodsy feeling without leaving Buffalo. (Just be careful not to get too close to the golf course!). It’s full of gorgeous foliage and has a great loop for walking too.


6. Allegany State Park

Allegany / Southern Tier

For serious hammock goers and campers looking for another activity, the state parks are the place. You can choose a nice wooded area or stop along a safe spot on a hiking trail to get the full in nature experience. Hammocking provides the perfect opportunity to stop and relax after camping, hiking, or even just exploring.

Photo Courtesy of Letchworth State Park Facebook Page

7. Letchworth State Park

Castile / Wyoming County

Another state park, and again for those looking for a serious hammock experience. Can you imagine catching that waterfall view while hanging in the trees? A unique experience to say the least.

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Nora Hassan</a>

Written by Nora Hassan

Nora is studying Marketing and Fashion Business at Canisius College and FIT. She's really into local art and murals and always love to try new things!


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