8 Ways to Help You Get Totally Stoked for the 2020 Bills Season

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Written by Courtney Kelly

Published on September 2, 2020

Buffalo Bills: Thin Man Brewery

Photo courtesy of Thin Man Brewery

Finally! Football season is right around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Yes, we’re still a little bummed about not being able to tailgate or sit in the stands this year, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t have a great season.
Come on, let’s be hopeful! Because we know that nothing can stop our fans from celebrating Bills season, we thought we’d give you a little inspo on how you can get into the football spirit all within the comfort of your own home.


Buffalo Bills: Buffalo Closet

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Closet

1. Shop for Bills Swag for the Entire Fam

Since we sadly won’t be buying any game tickets at the beginning of the season, it’s the perfect time to invest in some new Bills apparel. From vintage hoodies to custom-made jean jackets for the kiddos, I think we can agree that Buffalo hands-down has some of the coolest Bills apparel.
Check out some of our favorite local shops and wear your pieces proudly this season:

  • My Cuzin Vintage/Buffalo Closet | 168 Elmwood Ave | (716) 322-0647 | WebsiteFacebook
    • Vintage Buffalo Bills Apparel
  • Wildroots Buffalo Co | WebsiteFacebook
    • Handmade jean jackets, crewnecks, and tees perfect for your kiddos! Seriously these are SO cute; we wish we could fit into them.
  • Love Scout Designs | WebsiteFacebook
    • Handmade Zubaz scrunchies, headbands, face masks, and Buffalo Bills bike shorts!
  • Queen City Vintage | 1249 Hertel Ave | (716) 248-2610 | WebsiteFacebook
    • 80’s & 90’s Clothing and Apparel


2. Create Your Own Flight of Buffalo Bills Themed Beers 

Reason #453672 why we love Buffalo so much is that they have BUFFALO BILLS-THEMED beers. That’s right, some of your favorite local breweries have created hoppy masterpieces named after our favorite team. Grab a pack of each, and make your flight to sip on while watching the game!
To be honest, you could totally make a drinking game out of this too… just saying.
Here are The Beers you Need to Include:


Bar Bill North

Photo Courtesy of Bar Bill

3. Order Wings from Josh Allen’s Favorite Spot

Let’s be honest, you really can never go wrong getting wings from any local spot in WNY. However, if you’re new in town or just haven’t tried Bar Bill Tavern yet, this is your sign that its time! Plus, it’s home to Buffalo’s pride and joy, Josh Allen’s favorite wings.
So you want to know how our beloved quarterback takes his wings? He orders the honey butter barbecue, Cajun-style- which may we just say are friggin’ incredible.
Oh, and don’t forget to pair it with their delicious bleu cheese – like a real human.
Bar Bill now has 2 locations:

  • 185 Main St, East Aurora, NY 14052 | (716) 652-7959 |Website
  • 8326 Main St, Clarence, NY 14221 | (716) 710-9464 | Website


4. Treat Yo’ Self to Bills Themed Braids by Buffalo Braid Babes

Get a little extra festive this season, by getting Buffalo Bills themed braids by no other than Buffalo Braid Babes. They have about 12 different braids you can choose from, and they’ll add feed-in colors, or shimmers to get your hair ready for game day.
In the past, you’ve been able to catch the braid babes at local breweries for their Beer and Braids events during Bills Games. Keep up with their Insta  (@braidbabes_official) to see where they’ll be this season, or you could book a private party for you and your besties. They’re mobile, so they’ll come to you!

Lovejoy Pizza / Photo x Buffalo Pizza Blog

5. Hunt Down The Best Buffalo-Style Pizza in Buffalo

As if you didn’t already need an excuse to eat pizza, we challenge you to find the best Buffalo-style pizza this season. Buffalo-style pizza is truly unlike any other style of pizza, and we stand by that. From the ooey-gooey cheese to the mouthwatering cup-and-char pepperoni, and come on, we can’t forget about the perfect dough. It makes us emotional just talking about it.
To make your hunt a little easier, check out our guide to 9 Iconic Buffalo-Style Pizzas and start checking off your list!

6. Host Your Own Backyard Bar Crawl

Because we’re not quite sure how the bar scene will look through the Bills season, why not create a bar crawl in your back yard? Tailgate with your friends, family, and neighbors this season by ordering crawlers of your favorite Buffalo-beers from local breweries and share the love with everyone!
We all know you have that one friend who already owns a weird amount of football party decor, so you might as well put it to good use. Set up different stations throughout the yard and travel from one “bar” to the next!
Here’s Some Buffalo Beer Inspo to Help you get Started:



Day 4!! #maincharacter #springdiy #diypongtable #diyproject #pongtable #cowboys #eagles #art #painting #beerpong #timelapse

♬ original sound – Koko

7. DIY Beer Pong Table

Ok, so this one is a little different, but if you’ve been on Tik Tok (shameless plug: follow @stepoutbuffalo on TikTok!), then you have probably seen the many DIY Beer Pong Tables people have been painting. If you haven’t, please do yourself a favor and go look it up right now. We promise they’re worth the hype!
Now’s the perfect time to get creative and make the perfect party table for your next tailgate, to serve game-day snacks, play drinking games, or well, you know, crash through. And we’re just saying that we may or may not have been in Target and Walmart recently, and let’s just say NOW is the time to go pick up a folding table (or a few, no judgment) for your next tailgate.
If you do this, please tag us because these tables are seriously so cool and we’d love to repost yours.


8. Order the Perfect Buffalo-Themed Charcuterie Boards

Football szn. Everyone knows the rules. All diets go out the window on game days, no questions asked. Well, what better way to treat your self during game day, then with a custom-made charcuterie board? Ok, but wait, it actually gets better. Buffalo Boutique Boards (@Buffaloboutiqueboards) has the most incredible Buffalo themed board for your party.
Here’s the line up:

  • Chicken wing dip
  • Buffalo wing pretzels
  • Blue Cheese (never ranch)
  • And more!

The cheeses are all customizable and cut into the perfect Buffalo-shapes too!
If you’re a little more selfish about your cheese (I mean, who isn’t?), then you should also check out Board in Buffalo. They just released the most adorable charcuterie cones perfect for larger events (like a Bills game), party favors, or COVID-friendly get-togethers!
Although game days will look a little different this year, we know that y’all will still make the most of it. If you try any of these let us know by tagging us on Insta @stepoutbuffalo and TikTok @stepoutbuffalo or use the hashtag #stepoutbuffalo!

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Courtney Kelly</a>

Written by Courtney Kelly

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