A Complete Guide to Buffalo’s Most Iconic Street Art

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Written by Emily Malkowski

Published on July 8, 2020
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Greetings from Buffalo / Photo courtesy of Insta: @meganywhere

In a matter of just a few years, Buffalo has positioned itself as a top-tier national destination for murals and street art. Our city’s walls feature incredible pieces by local and national artists alike, and with programs like the Albright-Knox’s Public Art Initiative in place, we’ve got even more on the way.
Our street art guides typically cover specific neighborhoods like Allentown, Hertel, and the West Side, but for this guide, we thought it could be fun to map out some of the most “uniquely Buffalo” murals that can be found in and around the city. Whether you’re looking to do some solo exploring or want to give your out of town friends/relatives a taste of Buffalo’s best street art, use our guide below to get started!




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1. Greetings from Buffalo – 461 Ellicott Street 

Created by artist Casey Milbrand back in 2016, the Greetings from Buffalo mural is just about as Buffalo as it gets. Featuring vibrant colors and the Buffalo city skyline, the mural mimics a historic postcard and serves as the perfect photo backdrop for locals and tourists alike. 



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2. Keep Buffalo a Secret – 810 Main Street 

What do you get when Oxford Pennant collaborates with artist Ian de Beer to bring one of their popular t-shirt designs to life as a full-sized mural? A Buffalo masterpiece, that’s what. The ‘Keep Buffalo a Secret’ mural popped up overnight last fall on Main Street, and ever since, it’s been one of Buffalo’s most popular murals to date.



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3. Wildflowers for Buffalo – 465 Washington Street 

Part of Albright-Knox’s Public Art Initiative, this larger than life mural was painted by artist Louise Jones in 2018. Spanning a whopping 80 feet tall and 160 feet wide, the mural features a number of plants native to the Western New York region.




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4. Heart 716  – 545 Elmwood Ave 

This new mural on the side of Thirsty Buffalo may not be Buffalo’s flashiest, but sure packs a lot of 716 pride. Courtesy of Rory Allen of ZoomCopy, this simple, yet fun mural was installed earlier this year and quickly became a popular backdrop for photos. 



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5. Magic Buffalo – 1322 Hertel Ave

Located on the corner of Hertel and Colvin, Magic Buffalo wraps around three sides of the building that houses Joe’s Deli. Painted by Bunnie Reiss in 2017 as part of the Albright-Knox Public Art Initiative, the mural incorporates playful, dream-like colors and themes inspired by Reiss’s Polish and Russian heritage.



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6. Lookin’ Good – 1472 Hertel Ave

Keep heading down Hertel and you’ll find another one of artist Casey Milbrand’s masterpieces on the side of CRaVing Restaurant. Interestingly enough, the idea for Lookin’ Good actually came to Milbrand while he was finishing up work on Greetings from Buffalo. 
According to Buffalo Rising, people would pass by and shout “lookin’ good!” while Milbrand was painting over on Ellicott Street. He “felt that the sentiment was one that people could appreciate throughout the city,” and we have to say, he was absolutely right.


7. Alchemy Wine Bar Mural – 20 Union Street

What would a list of iconic Buffalo murals be without a Chuck Tingley piece? This mural on the side of Alchemy Wine Bar in Hamburg is certainly beautiful on its own, but it was the fence drama and social media uproar surrounding it that really solidified it as an iconic Buffalo mural. 
Even though a wood fence now blocks off the mural from the parking lot next door, the mural can still be viewed in the alley behind Alchemy. 



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8. Lip Service – 716 Elmwood Ave

It seems like it was only yesterday that this bright, pop-art inspired mural was dominating our social media feeds. A collaboration between Klub Weimar and BUREAU owners Jon Eisenberg and Joseph Stocker, the mural was installed in 2018 on the wall that faces the patio of what was once Cecelia’s Restaurant- and will soon be another Lloyd Taco Factory location.



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9. Feast – 938 Elmwood Ave 

If you’ve ever enjoyed late night eats at Elmwood Taco & Subs or the Jim’s Steakout on Elmwood, chances are you’ve seen this mural. Brought to life by Bruce Adams & Augustina Droze, the mural was created in 2012, and features a series of images that are designed to represent the Elmwood Village.



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10. The Old Pink – 223 Allen Street

Selected in 2018 as one of seven bars in the country that represent a historic American dive, The Old Pink’s roots run deep here in Buffalo. And even though the bar’s exterior, which features snowflakes and fiery green flames, doesn’t exactly make up a mural in the traditional sense, it’s still one of the most easily recognizable pieces of street art in the city. 

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Written by Emily Malkowski

Based in Buffalo, Emily is a marketing professional by day, and a freelance writer by night. She is passionate about uncovering unique stories, and dreams of cross-country road trips, endless sunshine, and adopting multiple dogs.


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