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Published on April 24, 2017

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Photo courtesy of FLYBUFFALONY

Guess what fellow Buffalonians? You don’t have to be a government big shot, movie star, or even The Donald to fly high over the big city. All you need is FLYBUFFALONY and dream. (JK you don’t even need a dream.)
FLYBUFFALONY, Western New York’s own helicopter company, was founded by Buffalo Native Mike Campbell out of a personal desire to have helicopters in his hometown. The tours offered by FLYBUFFALONY soar above some of the coolest parts of our region including downtown Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

FLYBUFFALONY’s aerial photo flight tours (get 40% off by mentioning SOB when you call or use “promo40” when booking online!) are the first of their kind in the area, taking you places not many get to go. While anyone dying to see the city from above will enjoy the adventure, these tours are perfect for photo enthusiasts. Bring your camera/phone…and your cajones, because these guys buzz around with doors off. So there’s that.
Are we calling chicken? Maybe…
No worries, you’ll be securely strapped in your seat with an awesome view of pretty much everything. Just picture flying down Elmwood Ave. (sans traffic lights) past city hall, take a hard right over Canalside, jet out over the outer harbor, and down past “Nano Dynamics”. Take it alllll in and don’t forget to post your pics on Instagram.

Photo courtesy of FLYBUFFALONY

Is Niagara Falls is more your cup of water? FLYBUFFALONY offers tours up there too. Imagine flying up close and personal to one of the great wonders of the world, swoop down, a 360 around the Skylon Tower and the mist will be fogging up your glasses, but not before you get the thrill of a lifetime.
Once you get a taste of this you’ll probably decide to get a pilot’s license and buy your own helicopter. Good news – FLYBUFFALONY offers a bunch of really cool and important sounding flying classes. All of which are FAA approved.
Worried about the safety? Don’t be – Mike has over 10 years of flying everything from emergency medical services to news helicopters so rest assured knowing that you are in good hands.


Sightseeing Tours by FLYBUFFALONY

Taste of Buffalo Flight
20-minute flight  /  $120 per person (40% off the regular price – mention SOB when you call or use “promo40” while booking online!)
A once in a lifetime experience, which offers a bird’s-eye perspective of the City. Come see Buffalo in all its glory as we roar over the Outer Harbor, Downtown Buffalo, the Theatre District and Canal Side as you capture the memories first hand from your camera. Doors off, safely harnessed in the aircraft with the wind blowing past you. Experience the rush of adrenaline as you soar over one of the best cities in America and see the revival first hand!

Roaring Niagara Falls Tour
30-minute flight  /  $180 per person (40% off the regular price – mention SOB when you call or use “promo40” while booking online!)
Soar over the falls at 3000 feet capturing the seventh wonder of the world on camera. Feel the mist hit your face, as we circle through the air you will see the whirlpool rapids and Devils hole. The city of Buffalo Skyline is the perfect backdrop to this adrenaline filled, once in a lifetime experience. This is the ultimate adventure for those seeking a new perspective on one of the most miraculous places in the world. This flight is the perfect choice for serious photographers or adrenaline seekers looking for something different that allows you to be actively involved.
Combo Tour
55-minute flight  /  $300 per person, includes t-shirt (40% off the regular price – mention SOB when you call or use “promo40” while booking online!)
Combination of the Taste of Buffalo Flight and Roaring Niagara Falls Tour. This tour allows you the benefits of both experiences and added value for your trip. Experience the glory of the City of Buffalo and the Seventh wonder of the world. You can leave knowing you’ve seen it all!
For more info, pricing, and booking visit, follow them on Facebook, or give them a call at (716) 574-5581.
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Written by SOB Creative

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