Anatomy of a Dish: Cold Noodle Bowl

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Written by Emily Morrow

Published on June 27, 2014

On these hot summer days (no complaints here) few people find themselves dying to sip on some hot broth. So what’s a ramen lover to do? Eat cold noodles of course! In the mood for a ramenish dish, we tracked down these chilled noodles sans broth at SATO to get our fix – and man am I glad we did.

This cold noodle bowl made for an absolutely perfect hot summer day lunch on the SATO patio. Each element is simple and refreshing, leaving you comfortably satisfied.  Here’s a breakdown of your best cool option on a hot day:


Cold Noodles


① Thick, chilled udon noodles are the at the base of the dish. They are made of wheat flour and are chewier than soba noodles. In this cold noodle bowl they come soaked in a delicious SATO vinaigrette sauce that sits only at the bottom of the bowl, adding tons of flavor. It may look like this will require less slurping than your average ramen. We quickly realized that’s not so.


② Spring vegetables create a slaw of sorts, adding a crunchy, refreshing element to the dish. Doused in vinaigrette sauce, these babies are delightful. I spied cucumbers, carrots and radishes.


③ Behold the Chashu pork. Made from the pork shoulder, this roasted meat is diced and uniquely flavored with a hint of sweetness. The bowl had just enough of the good stuff to go around. Other protein options include tofu and shrimp.


④ Next we have our bean sprouts adding more refreshing crunch to the dish. A beautiful Japanese staple as always.


⑤ Piles of other toppings include peas, scallions and a mound of seaweed salad – my favorite.


Find this refreshingly delicious Cold Noodle Bowl on the lunch menu at SATO:

739 Elmwood Ave. Buffalo, New York 14222

(716) 931-9146





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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Emily Morrow</a>

Written by Emily Morrow

Emily is co-founder and Director of Storytelling at Step Out Buffalo. Her favorite things to do are eat, travel, and think up business ideas. Emily is originally from Hamburg, NY and her out of town friends will tell you that she loves to talk about Buffalo any chance she gets.
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