8 Antique and Vintage Shops for the Perfect Gift or Hidden Gem

Written by Olivia White
Published on December 31, 2019
vintage shops: Antique World

Vintage bottles and signs / Photo courtesy of Antique World

Successful thrift shopping, antiquing and vintage hunting is a true skill. The ability to survey a consignment shop, identify its treasures and find the perfect place for them in a home or closet without breaking the bank takes a keen eye and a strong sense of personal style. Those who perfect this art reap the benefits of uniquely curated wardrobes and living rooms, but if you haven’t mastered it, there are plenty of places in Buffalo to practice. Plus if you’re looking to do a little gift giving, whatever the occasion may be, consignment and thrift stores offer a more adventurous shopping experience for unexpected, one-of-a-kind gifts. 



vintage shops: Serendipity Thrift Shoppe

Serendipity Thrift Shoppe / Photo x Olivia White

1. Serendipity Thrift Shoppe

One Symphony Circle, Buffalo, NY 14201

716-248-0232 / Website

Located in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church on Symphony Circle, Serendipity Shoppe is a treasure trove of home goods, decor and trinkets. It’s especially great if you’re in need of dining essentials like glassware, mugs, plates and table settings, but there’s also a large and eclectic selection of furniture, books, jewelry and art. Worth a stop if you’re trying to furnish a new apartment or you’re like me and need to replace a bunch of broken wine glasses after one too many boozy dinner parties.

2. Stella’s Vintage Finds

2995 Alternate Blvd, Grand Island, NY 14072

716-228-4300 / Website

Like many twenty-something’s, my apartment is home to an array of mostly second-hand or IKEA furniture. The one piece I’m particularly proud of, however, is a mid-century dresser from Stella’s Vintage Finds. Jean Doxtater’s Grand Island warehouse is home to a wide array of gorgeous hand-picked antiques and one-of-a-kind pieces. Don’t be surprised if you arrive with the intention of picking up a mirror and leave with a side table you didn’t think you needed.  


vintage shops: Painted Lady

The Painted Lady storefront / Photo courtesy of The Painted Lady

3. The Painted Lady

3147 Delaware Ave, Kenmore NY 14217

716-887-7300 / Website

Walking into The Painted Lady is like walking into your grandmother’s closet as a kid and discovering rows of dresses, shoes and jewelry boxes stuffed with pretty, sparkly things. It’s a delight to explore—and you’ll want to check every corner to make sure you don’t miss something. The owner, Renee, also makes seasonal handmade decorations, which are great host gifts for the holidays. 



vintage shops: The Purple Feather

The Purple Feather decor / Photo courtesy of The Purple Feather

4. The Purple Feather

5841 Transit Rd, Clarence NY 14051

716-688-5020 / Website

The Purple Feather is great for finding gently used, high-end furniture and home decor. Though you may find some antique pieces, the inventory consists of mostly contemporary name brands, priced reasonably so you can actually afford to furnish your living room with almost-new furniture. 


vintage shops: The Story Garage

The Story Garage antiques / Photo courtesy of The Story Garage

5. The Story Garage 

28 East Ferry St, Buffalo NY 14209

716-343-0905 / Website

Whether you’re looking to furnish a space with larger pieces or simply add a finishing touch, the Story Garage is a good place to start. Even if you’re stopping in for a statement piece, it’s worth taking some time to comb through the shelves and aisles for inspiration. You’ll find a mix of antiques, newer pieces and hidden gems that need only a little DIY treatment to light up a room. Want to know more? Check out our in-depth article, The Story Garage: Thrift Unique Pieces Large & Small On East Ferry.


6. Edna Louise Estate and Household Liquidations

716-812-1018 / Website

Buffalo’s beautiful old homes are some of our city’s greatest assets, and when they go on the market, many of them become hosts to some pretty epic estate sales. Not only do estate sales offer the prospect of discovering something extraordinary, they also pose the opportunity to explore local history through the people, memories and artifacts that used to call these houses home. Keep tabs on upcoming sales with Edna Louise Liquidations and clear your weekend schedule for some serious estate sale hopping. 



vintage shops: Antique World

Antique World vintage signs / Photo courtesy of Antique World

7. Antique World & Flea Market 

11111 Main St, Clarence NY 14031

716-759-8483 / Website

As one of the largest (if not the largest) antique centers in Western New York, Antique World is an institution. While a must-visit destination for serious antiquers and collectors, it’s also a fun stop for the more casual second-hand treasure hunters among us. It’s easy to make a day out of a visit to the flea market, but definitely plan to take your time when you’re here. For more info, check out our article,  You’ll Find One-of-a-Kind Gifts at Antique World.


vintage shops: Coocoou

Coocoou storefront / Photo courtesy of Coocoou

8. Coocoou 

111 Tonawanda St, Buffalo NY 14207

716-432-6216 / Website

Coocoou sets itself apart from the others on this list because of its specialty selection—it’s an oasis of beautiful mid-century modern art and furniture. It’s no secret that mid-century modernism is having a major moment, making this place a haven for those committed to their sleek MCM aesthetic. 


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