Bar Bill: As good as it gets

I’m going to put this simply. Bar Bill wings are as good as they get. I’ve passed Bar Bill many times, wondered about it, heard people talk about it, but wasn’t sure it could live up to the hype. WRONG – and you won’t understand until you try the wings.




Let’s back up here for a second. On a rainy, cold, windy night in November, you might think sitting out on the front porch is pretty positively not going to happen. WRONG again. We sat down right on the outdoor chairs and tables (very comfortable I might add) on the outdoor patio. The area is covered and inclosed, blasted frequently with the heater and filled with the warmth of an outdoor heater as well. The area is covered all around, but there are some open spaces. I was so surprised how comfortable I was despite the fact that I was sitting right next to one of these “holes”. The atmosphere inside the bar is warm and friendly. Bar Bill is a bar space with seating around it (see the bartender to be seated). The service is minimal, as per usual at bars with great food. They know they have a good thing going and service isn’t part of the allure. It’s a means to an end, which I can appreciate. On a wednesday night in East Aurora, this place was almost completely full and the service quick. Another hint they are doing something right (everything).

Starter: We ordered 2 Yuengling drafts. They offer 8 beers on tap – a few seasonal plus a special craft beer on Monday’s and something like 30 options in a bottle. For an appetizer we decided on Spinach artichoke dip served with fresh fried tortilla chips. (roughly $9)  The flavors in the dip were unique (I tasted bacon). The warmth of the cheesy base contrasted nicely with the fresh tomatoes topping the dish.

Entrées: We ordered 20 Medium wings (roughly $20). We were warned – “If you like them hot, order medium.” So we did. They were without a doubt the best wings i’ve ever had. My companion – a very tough wing critic from the North Towns, agreed. Aside from all of the usual things that make wings from Buffalo the best, these had an intense flavor. The flavor was so intriguing that it made me forget the heat for a few seconds. They were hot, but very, very worth it. We also ordered the Fish & Chips – crispy & crunchy battered cod fillet strips served with waffle cut fries & tarter sauce. (roughly $9) The fish was delicious & the tarter sauce took the dish to a whole other level. Overall the food was pretty amazing. If I wanted to gush, which I do, i’d say heavenly. There, I said it.

Menu items that will bring me back: Next time I visit I will be getting more wings (duh). I’d love to try out their variety of sauce flavors – maybe honey dijon or honey butter BBQ. If you’re wondering about the Suicidal I will not be able to comment on that. Ever. They offer Roaster Size, Sicilian Wings & Super Jumbo Breaded Wings. Along with wings they’re famous for their Beef on Weck. I’d also like to try the Zeet – pizza dough & pizza sauce with beef & pork, topped with mozzarella cheese.

Final thoughts: Sometimes I wonder if people from other parts of the country think we don’t eat wings too often because we’re from Buffalo. Similar to how New Yorkers don’t frequent the Statue of Liberty unless forced to play tour guide by visiting relatives. The thing is, if you like wings, it’s hard to stay away – especially if you live anywhere near Bar Bill.  



185 Main St. East Aurora NY 14059

(716) 652-7959

Hours: Mon-Sat 8:00 am – 2:00am; Sun noon- 2:00 am



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