Beef on Weck Named Buffalo’s Best Culinary Contribution

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Written by Amanda Ross

Published on October 17, 2019
Photo courtesy of Schwabl’s

In a recent article, Eater gives beef on weck credit as Buffalo’s best contribution to the culinary world. Beef on Weck has been a staple in Buffalo households for years. As Buffalonians, we know that our beloved Beef on Weck (and all WNY staple foods TBH) don’t deserve to be kept a secret, which is why we’re so stoked that Eater has decided to feature one of our faves!


Fun fact: Did you know Beef on Weck predates some of Buffalo’s *other* favorite foods? Yes, even  chicken wings and sponge candy. Buffalo’s Beef on Weck OGs like Schwabl’s, Charlie the Butcher, and Bar Bill Tavern are specifically mentioned in the Eater article, and are dubbed as takig the cake when it comes to traditional Beef on Weck spots.

Of course Eater doesn’t forget to mention some of the more fun local spins on this classic dish. “Buffalo restaurant and caterer Local Kitchen & Beer Bar serves a Beef on Weck Egg Roll that packs thinly sliced beef and cheddar cheese into an egg roll wrapper. It comes topped with salt and caraway seeds and with a side of “horsey” horseradish sauce.” Woof.


Check out the full Eater article that praises Buffalo’s beefy contribution to society and decide for yourself – is it better than wings, sponge candy, and Buffalo pizza?

Read “Beef on Weck Is Buffalo’s Best Contribution to the Culinary World” on Eater >

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Amanda Ross</a>

Written by Amanda Ross

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