142 of the Best Buffalo Instagram Photos from 2016

#hashtagstepoutbuffalo photo x @mikeciancio

#hashtagstepoutbuffalo photo x @mikeciancio

2016 gave us a run for our money, and one of our favorite things about it was checking out the stunning Buffalo Instagram photos you took!

Project #HashtagStepOutBuffalo has been an insanely fun way to highlight what an amazing city Buffalo is and how awesome it is to be living in WNY through *your* submitted photos. All year long you’ve been using #hashtagstepoutbuffalo on your Instagram photos and we’ve been checking them out and featuring some of our favorites right here on StepOutBuffalo.com and our Insta/Facebook/Twitter accounts for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

All 15,000 #hashtagstepoutbuffalo pics have given us LIFE this year with all the ways you’ve shown off how beautiful/cool/fun Buffalo and WNY can be. From art installations and summer concerts to the changing autumn leaves and holiday lights, every #hashtagstepoutbuffalo photo allows us to see the Queen City in a new way. We’re smitten and we honestly fall deeper in Buffalove with this place every week thanks to you. And we’re not kidding when we say we’ve seen ALL of your photos. As in Every. Single. One. You guys are really good y’all!  So you agree, you think you’re really pretty.

Without further ado and in honor of 2016’s end and our love of year-end roundups, here are the best photos of Buffalo in 2016! Spoiler alert: there are lots of dogs, sunsets, and aerial shots. We ain’t sorry.

Thank you to everyone who used #hastagstepoutbuffalo in 2016! Keep ’em coming.

Did anyone else see that sunrise this morning?!

A photo posted by Mike Ciancio (@mikeciancio) on

So, here’s a quick story. My friends John, Tina, their kids, and I have no gone to this place twice. Both times was right after we visited @queencitybookstore for #Freecomicbookday. So far, this has been the only vintage diner type place I’ve eaten at here in #Buffalo. I love it, my friends love it. We basically, want to make sure we go way more often. And yes, the food is delicious. Try their oreo milkshake! (Photo taking credit goes to @mamabearcardona for taking this for me because well, she is a lot taller and can get a way better angle.) ____________________________ #OneBuffalo #myhome #Buffalophotos #WeAreBuffalo #BlackandWhite #BuffaloNY #Buffalove #QueenCity #CityofBuffalo #WesternNewYork #cityofgoodneighbors #716inBnW #716blackandwhite #716 #mycity #LetsGoBuffalo #BuffaloPlace #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #tastingbuffalo #LakeEffectDiner

A photo posted by Christopher Shipman (@716blacknwhite) on

Oh hey there friends! Sometimes when there’s no time for a real adventure, I like to hang out in my beautiful neighborhood! I call it urban adventuring. #cat #catsofinstagram #catsonleashes #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #mygreatcat #urbanadventures #blackcatsofinstagram #catlover #catmodel #bestmeow #topcatphoto #cat_features #cutepetclub #excellent_cats #instacat_meows #meowvswoof #instacat #meow #instagood #petstagram #bestcats_oftheworld #proplancat #catloversclub #catsofworld #bestcats_ofworld #buffalove #buffalony @adventurecats @campingwithcats @catsofinstagram @meowvswoof @proplancat @topcatphoto @excellent_cats @cat_features @instacat_meows @meowbox @cutepetclub @bestmeow @catsofworld @animals.co @bestcats_oftheworld @thegreatoutdoors @catswiththeirtonguesout @animal_clips

A photo posted by Sirius Black Adventure Cat (@siriusblack.adventurecat) on

Diamonds on the water. #buffalobythenumbers

A photo posted by The Numbers, Buffalo NY (@buffalonumbers) on


A photo posted by Alex Pawlicki (@apsketches) on

🚴🏻🚴🏻🚴🏻 SkyRide 2016! Video to follow soon!

A photo posted by Mike Ciancio (@mikeciancio) on

Arlington Place – Allentown

A photo posted by Buffalo Homes (@buffalohomes) on

#akronfalls adventures with my love 😄 @achristie27 #getoutside!

A photo posted by Amanda Paciorek (@amandasp7) on

waiting #latergram

A photo posted by julia gariepy (@juliaguliaaa) on

Adventures with the best friend! 🐾 @resurgencebrewingco #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #dogsofbuffalo

A photo posted by Janet Ha (@j_hawtpotato) on

The view from my yoga mat. #yoga #namaste #breathe #clearmind #buffalove #bontanicalgardens

A photo posted by Jen Grasso (@barredbeauty01) on

Several chances.

A photo posted by Iroquois Films (@iroquoisfilms) on

How many more days until summer? 📷by @theverybusybee

A photo posted by Lindsay – Nickel City Pretty (@nickelcitypretty) on

#beastmode 🐅🐅 – The Buffalo Zoo

A photo posted by Shannon (@clickeatplay) on

Beauty. #fallbuf #placesbuf

A photo posted by Beth (@bethinsalaco) on

A Buffalo sunset from a slightly different angle 🌇 #capturebuffalo #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #cityview

A photo posted by Tony Messana (@tmess412) on


A photo posted by Joseph Novak (@novakjoseph) on

Keep fighting the good fight! #buffalony #lovetrumpshate #nastywoman

A photo posted by Amanda (@rustbeltthreads) on

In the cut

A photo posted by Scotty Siegel (@scottysiegel) on

Happy place ❄️

A photo posted by Amanda (@driz5) on


A photo posted by 📷 Mike Shriver (@buffalophotoblog) on


A photo posted by people.of.buffalo (@people.of.buffalo) on

Autumn doesn’t last long enough.

A photo posted by patrick brady (@ptrkbrdy) on


Weekends are for exploring. Letchworth State Park – New York

A photo posted by Matt Digati (@mattdigati) on

Soldier’s Place

A photo posted by Christopher Hyzy (@christopherhyzy) on

Chapin Parkway and Potomac Avenue – Delaware District

A photo posted by Buffalo Homes (@buffalohomes) on

This house took spooky decorations to the next level! 💯 #Buffalove #kenmoreny #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #halloween

A photo posted by Danielle LeGare (@dmlegare) on

My edited version of the covered bridge at allegany state park

A photo posted by @luvz2xpl0re on

Sunrise on Allen St

A photo posted by Colin Patrick Gordon (@colin_patrick) on

Good morning Buffalo! You can feel that Bills win in the air 😄

A photo posted by Mike Ciancio (@mikeciancio) on

A quick Friday morning post-work adventure. I know everybody has done this shot but I had to see it for myself and get mine.

A photo posted by AbandonedBuffalo (@abandonedbuffalo) on


A photo posted by ed afterbuffalo (@ed_afterbuffalo) on

Naps with a view 😊 #getoutside #adventure #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #risebflo #buffalove

A photo posted by Amanda (@driz5) on

Here’s the view from the middle seat of the first row on the balcony. While it’s true that there isn’t a bad seat in the entire hall, it’s tough to argue that this view isn’t the best. Kleinhans Music Hall – Buffalo, NY

A photo posted by Matt Digati (@mattdigati) on

#riseBFLO #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #capturebuffalo #TravelBUF #viewBuffalo #igersbuffalo #skyline

A photo posted by swiftyny (@swiftyny) on

Rust Belt lines. . . . #buffalo #rustbelt #bridge #buffaloigers #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #stepoutbuffalo #upstateny

A photo posted by Lance Claypool (@lanceclaypool) on

The one thing no one tells you about becoming a mother is that you lose yourself a little bit in the beginning, and it can be a scary feeling. One day, you’re you – cute and confident – and the next day, you’re someone’s mother. Your whole identity as a person changes literally overnight, and all of a sudden you’re on a strange journey of trying to figure out who you are and how you fit into the world. It’s junior high all over again. Your self confidence takes a nose dive, and you’re forced to re-invent yourself. These past 19 months of motherhood have been tough, but they have taught me that I am extremely strong and resilient, that I can pull myself back up out of the deepest, darkest places, that I am creative at the core of my being, and that I am probably the only one who notices the dried crusty food on my shirt. #momlife I have also gained a deeper appreciation for how quickly life flies by, and therefore a deeper respect for the work I do. This recent photo is a great representation of the new me that I’m getting to know – no makeup, 10 extra lbs, crazy hair, happier than I’ve ever been at any other point in my life.❤️

A photo posted by Jenn Ayres (@jennayresphoto) on


A photo posted by Yeah! Buffalo (@yeahbuffalo) on

So happy to be living back in the Buffalo area again. Created so much magic tonight.

A photo posted by Emily Easton (@basicallyemilyphoto) on

Last night’s sunset at Hoyt Lake left me speechless 🌅

A photo posted by Christopher Hyzy (@christopherhyzy) on

📍 1 Fuhrmann Blvd.

A photo posted by 📷 Mike Shriver (@buffalophotoblog) on

#SaintPabloTour 🙌🏼 #BuffaloNY

A photo posted by #INTHEBUFFblog (@inthebuffblog) on

Niagara Frontier Antique and Classic Boat Show

A photo posted by Ann (@howseldomtheydo) on

City views. 🏙

A photo posted by Ashley Schaffert Laderer (@morninggloryblog) on

RadaRada @ canalside

A photo posted by people.of.buffalo (@people.of.buffalo) on

rainbows in the water 🌊🏄⛵ #buffalofloat #kayaking #inthecityilive #hashtagstepoutbuffalo

A photo posted by gabriella defazio (@gdefaz) on

Spectral Locus | 2016 by Amanda Browder The view from here | No. 1

A photo posted by Greg Meadows (@_gmeadows) on

Zoar Valley – Western New York

A photo posted by Matt Digati (@mattdigati) on

#sunset over #edgefest2016. #canalsidebuffalo #buffalony #buffalo #cityandcolour #hashtagstepoutbuffalo

A photo posted by Katy Tierney (@ktierns) on

Common Council Chamber #BuffaloNY #buffalonewyork #capturebuffalo #viewbuffalo #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #buffalocityhall #artdeco

A photo posted by Dan Cog (@dan_cog) on

#hashtagstepoutbuffalo #viewbuffalo #igersbuffalo #coloredmusiciansclub

A photo posted by BuffaloDailyPhoto (@buffalodailyphoto) on

Marry me Buffalo.

A photo posted by people.of.buffalo (@people.of.buffalo) on

#lockport is burning today. Hope everyone is safe.

A photo posted by Mike (@ohverwellmed) on

☀️☀️☀️#Buffalove #spiritjersey #hashtagstepoutbuffalo @researchanddesign

A photo posted by Kathryn Rzepka (@kzeppyy) on

What did you do on this beautiful weekend? Let us know in the comments below! #thingsbuf

A photo posted by ShopCraft (@buffaloshopcraft) on

#peoplebuf celebrating, because AMERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 we hope y’all had a super holiday weekend!

A photo posted by Yeah! Buffalo (@yeahbuffalo) on


A photo posted by Jason Dettbarn (@endonend) on

Sanctuary. _______________________________________________________

A photo posted by AbandonedBuffalo (@abandonedbuffalo) on

Shakey Graves at Canalside

A photo posted by Colin Patrick Gordon (@colin_patrick) on

Still Above City Hall #igersbuffalo #buffalo #risebflo #hashtagstepoutbuffalo #abovebuffalo #cityhall #drone #architecture #lookingdown

A photo posted by Buffalo Above Digital Studio 🎥 (@buffaloabove) on


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