9 Best Consignment Shops in WNY

Get your shop on at Western New York’s best consignment shops

Let’s face it. No matter how many clothes we have in our closet, we simply DO NOT have anything to wear. Well, anything new that is. That’s why it’s probably a good idea for you and your wallet to visit Western New York’s best consignment shops. Not only will you have the opportunity to get rid of some gently used clothes you never wear and make a profit, you will also be able to purchase designer clothes in like-new condition for less than half the price! So, what are you waiting for? Here’s a guide to Western New York’s best consignment shops.


The Clothes Mentor

3099 Sheridan Drive Amherst  |  716-381-9980

1022 Union Road West Seneca  |  716-675-4400


I just started a new job that required very professional attire. While I had a few items to wear, I couldn’t seem to keep up with my very trendy co-worker. Every day she wore her hair up in a beautiful bun and showcased a new outfit. After getting to know her a bit and when it was less awkward, I decided to ask her where she purchased so many outstanding ensembles. She then told me she religiously shopped at the Clothes Mentor in Amherst. For practically nothing, she was walking around in designer duds each and every day. Let me tell you, I was so grateful she shared her secret! Walking into the Clothes Mentor, I was surprised to see so many gorgeous outfits at very low prices. For less than $100, I walked out of there with three new pairs of business pants and three new tops! The next day I strutted into work with a brand new look and a great boost of confidence! PS – The Clothes Mentor also sells designer shoes and purses! Can you say hollaaaaaaa


Plato’s Closet

3135 Sheridan Drive Amherst  |  716-836-5000

1022 Union Road West Seneca   |  716-677-6707


Plato’s Closet is another great consignment store to visit if you want to save money and shop until you drop. Just bring in your gently used clothing and accessories that you no longer want and Plato’s Closet will pay you for them! Once you have some extra cash, feel free to shop around for some goodies! Now don’t let the idea fool you, Plato’s Closet won’t take just any old thread. The clothing must be in fashion and in good condition to be accepted. When I first visited years ago, I felt a bit silly because I brought a duffle bag full of old clothes and thought I was going to make a fortune! I was a little disappointed when Plato’s Closet only accepted two of my items, but in their defense, I was trying to sell some of my old clothes from middle school. Fail.


My Best Friend’s Closet

65 East Main Street #1, Springville  |  716-592-7283


From Coach, to Uggs, and Guess, My Best Friend’s Closet is a hidden consignment store gem right in the heart of Springville. The shop is unique in that not only does it have trendy and gently used clothing for sale; it also has furniture and home décor. This little shop reminds you of a creative, local shop that you would see on Elmwood Avenue. It’s clean and cozy and makes you want to browse all day. And fortunately for you, the prices won’t break your wallet. My Best Friend’s Closet also has a system going where you set up an account to drop off your items. The employees will then go through your clothing items for sale and either accept or decline.  They are also very strict on what they accept, so when you purchase an item, you know you are getting the very best of the best. This month, the store has in stock Vera Bradley purses and Disney Halloween costumes for the kids, so be sure to check it out!


Second Chic Buffalo

810 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo  |  716-882-8222

1421 Hertel Ave, Buffalo  |  (716) 862-8222


Admit it… we all love the local clothing and accessories stores on Elmwood because the items sold are so unique that you won’t find them anywhere else. However, for a lady on a budget, these items may be a little too heavy for your wallet. That’s why it is of the utmost importance that you take a peek at Second Chic! I first heard about this store from my very trendy, yet budget conscious friend. I couldn’t believe that this store was a consignment shop from its gorgeous presentation. Second Chic offers outstanding clothing for men and women at very fair prices. You would never know that these items weren’t brand new from how well kept they are. From shoes, scarves, purses, and jewelry, Second Chic is sure to suck you in!


The Clothes Horse

3527 N Buffalo Road Orchard Park  |  716-662-1136


With items that will exceed your every expectation, it’s no wonder that The Clothes Horse in Orchard Park has been around for 50 years. This store is absolutely amazing and puts shoppers in a feel good mood as soon as they step in the door. As consignment shops normally go, you can bring in your gently used clothing items, receive cash (40 percent of the basic selling price for most items), and then shop until you drop. But The Clothes Horse does have a unique aspect to it. You are free to shop online for hundreds of gowns for special occasions such as galas, proms, weddings, homecomings, and more. But don’t wait too long to visit The Clothes Horse or you might miss out on an exclusive piece!


Ritzy Rags

4060 Union Road, Cheektowaga  |  716-634-6858


Ritzy Rags is a beautiful consignment store in Cheektowaga that offers fashionable, items that include unique apparel for the local fashionista. Selling fur coats, designer dresses, purses, and shoes that you won’t find anywhere else, Ritzy Rags promises not to disappoint. Whether you’re a businesswoman, a sassy and classy lady, or just like to dress like the rich and famous, this is just the store for you!

So now that you have this helpful guide, I don’t see any reason why would you need to shop at the mall again! Take all of that cash you saved and go out to a nice dinner or better yet, go do some more shopping. There’s nobody stopping you from looking fabulous now except for you!

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