5 Epic Buffalo Bills-Themed Beers by Local Breweries

Brian Campbell

Community Beer Works

Photo courtesy of Community Beer Works

A version of this post was originally published in 2o18
If you’re in the market for a Bills Season tailgating beer (if you’re in Western New York, you most certainly are), a few local breweries have you covered with a trio of Buffalo Bills-themed brews available in cans.
And better yet, beyond the wonderment of themed, fresh, locally brewed, easy drinkers, is that when you partake in these beverages, you’ll be doing your part to give back! Read on for three must-try Bills-themed beers this football season.


1. Pills Mafia x Thin Man Brewery

Pills Mafia, an updated version of Thin Man’s Buffalo Pills, is a 4.9% German Pilsner brewed for tailgating and/or watching the Buffalo Bills from the confines of your couch. Peter Cahlstadt designed the can art, which features images of the late Pancho Billa, famed streaker Tristan Lambright and a member of the Bills Mafia plunging through a table.

2. Let’s Go Pils x Community Beer Works

This Community Beer Works Bills-inspired pilsner is a refreshingly light and crisp with a subtle dank citrus hop aroma.
“The pilsner style is a more delicate beer,” CBW Co-Owner Chris Smith says. “It takes quality brewers to make quality beer. I judge a lot of breweries based on the quality of their pilsners. It’s about us trying to find a space in the pilsner market for ourselves with a high-quality beer that’s approachable for people.”


3. Make Me Wanna Stout x Big Ditch Brewing

Big Ditch also cans their own Bills-themed brew, Make Me Wanna Stout, a coffee and cream stout brewed with Revolution coffee beans from Public Espresso. The beer features a light roast from the roasted barley, a light sweet finish from the milk sugar, and a creamy body from the oatmeal.
Big Ditch owner Matt Kahn says that the beer should provide a pick-me-up for beer drinkers at their next tailgate.
“The idea of drinking a coffee beer on mornings before Bills games sort of made sense to us – sort of a pregame boost, if you will – and with the amount of coffee in this beer, it definitely achieves that goal,” Kahn says. “We just thought this was a cool name and would appeal to (dark) beer drinkers, coffee drinkers, and Bills fans alike.”

12 Gates Brewing

Photo courtesy of 12 Gates Brewing Company

4. Table Smasher Honey Kolsch x 12 Gates Brewing

12 Gates Brewing has the perfect Bills Mafia tailgate beer deemed the “Table Smasher Honey Kolsch.” This 4.5% Kolsch is made with real local honey from Bee Country in Darien, NY. Get in cans, on draft, and crowlers to go from 12 Gates or check the shelves of local craft beer retailers.


Resurgence Brewing

Photo courtesy of Resurgence Brewing Company

5. Circle the Wagons IPA & Pilsner x Resurgence Brewing 

Resurgence is releasing a four pack called “Circle the Wagons” which includes two IPAs and two pilsner. Get’em in time for your next tailgate party!
A version of this post was originally published in 2o18




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