The Best Places to Eat Gluten-Free in WNY

Eggplant Sandwich at Osteria 166 / Step Out Buffalo

Eggplant Sandwich at Osteria 166 / Step Out Buffalo

“Gluten” has become a bit of a buzzword lately. Kourtney Kardashian refuses to eat it (tbt to that entire episode), but more importantly restaurants are realizing the importance of catering to their customers who actually can’t eat it aka not Kourtney. Whether you’re affected by celiac disease, gluten intolerant, or just looking for a lifestyle change that doesn’t include the G-word, these Western New York restaurants have some of the best gluten-free options around. So without further ado… 

15 Restaurants in WNY With Delicious Gluten-Free Options:

1. Merge

439 Delaware Ave / Downtown

Merge is a restaurant that is rich in gluten-free/vegan/vegetarian options that are amaaaaazing. The portions are large and shareable. Our advice? Splitmultiple plates with your brunch/lunch/dinner crew and taste as much as you can.

2. Roost

1502 Niagara St / Downtown

With a menu that’s always changing with the seasons, Roost makes sure to constantly keep up their A game. PSA: Their menu is so good that you’ll probably drool just reading it. They place a ‘GF’ next to all of the options on their menu so it’s easy for you to decipher which meals are on the gluten-free list.

Roost Short Rib / Photo x Adrianne Salmon

3. Osteria 166

166 Franklin St /  Downtown

This place offers super yummy Italian cuisine that can easily make any of their pasta, sandwiches, or pizzas gluten free. AKA you get to enjoy the whole friggen menu. Wahoooo!

4. Dinosaur BBQ

301 Franklin Street /  Downtown

Okay these guys get 5 gold stars: they have a WHOLE ENTIRE gluten-free menu. When you go, simply ask for the special menu and watch as all of your glutenless BBQ dreams come true. 

Glutenfree BBQ Ribs // via Dinosaur BBQ’s Facebook

5. Brick Oven Bistro

904 Abbott Rd /South Buffalo

One word – ~pizza~. Brick Oven makes pizzas loaded with mouth watering toppings and cooked in a brick oven duh, and *any* of their pizzas are available with gluten free dough!(!!)

6. Brian’s Best Gluten Free

247 Cayuga Rd / Southtowns

It’s in the name people. This is a must-try place for aaaaall the yummy gluten-free bread options. Pick up some bread, muffins, bagels, and everything in between then bring it home and have a bomb g-free dinner with the fam or eat it all on the way home…yolo

7. Toutant

427 Ellicott St / Downtown

With just about everything on their menu made from scratch, our friends over at Toutant are more than willing to comply with gluten-free requests for almost the whole menu. Yassss

Biscuits and Gravy at Toutant in Buffalo NY

Biscuits and Gravy at Toutant / Step Out Buffalo

8. Juicy Burger

1 Buffalo St / Southtowns

Let’s be real, there comes a time when everyone is just craving a big, juicy burger. Well here ya go! Juicy is another great place with a super awesome menu where almost all options can be enjoyed with a gluten-free bun.

9. Roly Poly Sandwich Shop

846 Main St / Downtown

This is one of the best places for a quick bite, soup, sandwiches, salad, or all of the above. Roly Poly makes all of their options available to enjoy gluten-free, and they also have a “Roll Your Own Wrap” option which can get p wild. Roll anything you want, live the dream.

10. Bedrock Eatery

4038 Hoover Rd / Southtowns

The new Bedrock Eatery is somewhere that you need to check out ASAP. Along with the gorgeous views and dog-friendly atmosphere, their menu features lots of gluten-free options like sandwiches and salads to eat there or to go.

Bedrock Eatery

11. Poppyseed Restaurant

3620 Mckinley Pkwy / Southtowns

The Poppyseed Restaurant features the. most. delicious salads with homemade dressings, soups, sandwiches, and pasta – which are all available to be switched out for gluten free options. We literally LOVE the Poppyseed, 11/10.

12. Wok & Roll

5467 Sheridan Drive / Northtowns

Gluten-free Chinese anyone? Everyone craves it every once in a while or all the time…it’s fine. At Wok & Roll they’re very accommodating to gluten-free guests, with tons of g-free options including the ever-so-yummy lettuce wraps instead of won-ton wraps. #winning

13. Pizza Plant Italian Pub (Canalside) / Pizza Plant Williamsville

Canalside & Williamsville

More delish gluten-free pizzas?! Yes please. Pizza Plant also has gluten-less wings that will make you fall in love with our classic Buffalo wings all over again <3

14. Patina 250

250 Delaware Ave / Downtown

Looking for something a little more fancy? Patina has is a great option with an amazing courtyard. Some of their menu is already made-to-order as gluten-free, definitely put this on your date night bucket list!

Patina 250 via Facebook

15. Bacchus Wine Bar

56 W Chippewa St / Downtown

Another place to enjoy when you’re feeling a little bit classier, Bacchus has place has a savory menu with items being offered on small or big plates depending on your appetite. Be sure to come here at least once during their free outdoor flix nights during summertime! Watching a movie while eating dinner and drinking wine? That’s what we’re talkin about.



Lockhouse Distillery

41 Columbia St / Downtown

Gluten-free vodka. This is v important information for you to know.

Vin-Chet Bakery

2178 Kensington Ave / North Buffalo

This Bakery is a full on gluten-free bakery. They specialize in ONLY gluten-free treats, from cupcakes to cakes to brownies to pudding. There will for sure be something on their list to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours, we guarantee it.

Gluten Free Cake via Vin-Chet’s Faceboook

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