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Written by Lauren Spoth

Published on July 12, 2016
Pokemon Go Buffalo

UB in front of the CFA during a quadruple-Lure / Photo by Erin Weaver

Pokémon Go: The Sparknotes Version & Why We’re Obsessed

ICYLUAR, Pokémon Go is the best/most addictive game in the history of ever/out right now. But actually. In less than a week it’s outperformed many other popular phone apps that have been out for years (we’re looking at you, Twitter and Tinder) in terms of both downloads and active daily users. It’s also *the most* interacted-with phone app in all the land, with users spending an average of almost 44 minutes per day on the app…which is a LOT. We actually play longer than that, but only because we wanna be the very best like no one ever was.

“But whyyyyyyyyy” some of you weirdos who have yet to download it might ask. The answer is because it’s everything your childhood dreams were made of…and then some. Pokemon Go geniusly sets the game IN THE REAL WORLD via these amazing things called augmented reality (Google it) and GPS. Thanks to the aforementioned augmented reality part of the game, when you go to catch Pokemon they appear on your screen as if they were IRL and in real time. The time of day as well as where you are in the world determines what Pokemon are near you, and going to different locations brings about different types of Pokemon.  The game also uses real-life landmarks, works of art, buildings, and everything in between as Pokestops and Gyms that you can walk to (in real life) to grab items (in the game) that help you catch ‘em all or battle other players for bragging rights.

Pokemon Go Buffalo

A gaggle of Pokemon Go-ers at UB / Photo by Erin Weaver

In a very fortunate series of events, all of this has led to thousands of people getting outside, walking around, and exploring tons of places they have and haven’t been before. At any given time on any given day or night you’ll likely find swarms of other Pokémon Go players hanging out anywhere and everywhere saying “Pokemon Go?” to each other. This game is honestly the best thing that’s ever personally happened to us (sorry, college degree/significant others/children/etc), and if you just read through the last three paragraphs and still don’t get why then we don’t trust you and you can’t sit with us.


Here are the best places in Buffalo to catch ‘em all

Note: While you’re out hunting please keep in mind the wise words of our friends at Niantic aka the Pokemon Company: “Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.” We literally saw someone walk into a stop sign while playing. It was hilarious and they were ok but also they walked into a stop sign. Get it together. Also don’t ever drive and play at the same time because 1) it’s dangerous 2) it’s illegal 3) it’s stupid 4) it’s more fun to walk 5) your pedometer won’t register your steps and it won’t bring your eggs any closer to hatching.

Pokemon Go Buffalo

One of the zillion Lickitungs in Caz Park…and Coco in the corner

  • Baseball Diamonds
    PokeStops and Pokemon galore. You could say these are a…homerun 😉
  • Cemeteries
    All of the ghost-type Pokemon request that you be respectful of the dead and also recommend you use a Raspberry to catch them because they’re tricky little buggers

    • Buffalo Cemetery
    • Concordia Cemetery
    • Holy Cross Cemetery
    • Mount Calvary Cemetery
  • College Campuses
    Some of these will be more populated than others, depending on their location. For example, Buff State doesn’t have many Pokemon due to its proximity to the Scajaquada and the fact that the game purposely doesn’t put Pokemon on busy streets and highways.

    • Buffalo State College – Not a ton of Pokemon but lots of PokeStops and a couple Gyms
    • Canisius College
    • Daemen College
    • D’Youville College
    • Erie Community College – North, City, South are all friends to the ‘mons
    • Medaille College
    • Trocaire College
    • University at Buffalo – This campus is especially lit – when you go, check out near the CFA



  • Historical buildings, churches, museums, art galleries, and places of interest
    Basically anywhere you would take visitors from out of town. The game also highlights lesser-known places and tells you about them #themoreyouknow

    • Albright Knox Art Gallery – after dark you can find tons of people here looking to catch Abra’s, Clefairy’s, and even a Dragonaire. Plus there’s a bunch of PokeStops and at least one Lure happening at any given time near the back stairs
    • Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens
    • Buffalo and Erie County Naval Museum
    • Buffalo History Museum
    • Buffalo City Hall
    • Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus
    • Buffalo Zoo – It’s like two zoos in one!
    • Burchfield Penney Art Center
    • Canalside – Shark Girl’s milkshake brings all the Pokemon to the yard
    • Coca-Cola Field
    • First Niagara Center
    • First Presbyterian Church
    • Kleinhans Music Hall
    • Shea’s Performing Arts Center – this also serves as a Gym and rumor has it that it’s virtually unbeatable
    • Subway – as in the Buffalo subway that transports people up and down Main Street, also known as the best way to travel the neighborhoods of Downtown on a Pokemon hunt
    • Temple Beth Zion
    • Trinity Episcopal Church
  • Neighborhoods
    All neighborhoods will have Pokemon, but not all neighborhoods are created equal

    • Allentown – related: Allen Street
    • Central Business District – related: Main Street
    • Delaware District – related: Delaware Ave
    • Elmwood Village – related: Elmwood Ave
    • Old First Ward – related: South Park Avenue; Ohio Street
    • North Buffalo – related: Hertel Ave
    • South Buffalo – related: Abbott Street; McKinley Parkway; Seneca Street
    • University Heights – related: Upper Main Street
    • West Side – related: Connecticut Street; Porter Avenue; Pennsylvania Street; Richmond Avenue
Pokemon Go, Buffalo, Buffalo NY, Elmwood Village, Globe Market

An employee at Globe Market on Hertel tries to catch a Spearow with her barehands / Photo by Erin Weaver

  • Olmsted Parksbasically these are a goldmine for bug, grass, bird, and normal-type Pokemon. Depending on if someone is using a Lure or if you’re using incense you can find other types too…like that time I found a Seel in the middle of Caz Park
    • Cazenovia – Bonus: Potters Field is a PokeStop! Also there’s so many Lickitungs.
    • Day’s Park
    • Delaware Park – So many Abra’s
    • Front Park
    • Martin Luther King Jr Park (aka Humboldt Park)
    • Riverside Park
    • South Park
  • Public Squares
    Just don’t walk in the street, ok?

    • Larkin Square
    • Lafayette Square
    • Niagara Square
    • Washington Square
The Grange, Hamburg NY, Buffalo NY, Pokemon GO, Step Out Buffalo

The Grange is a PokeStop in Hamburg, NY. Now you live there.

  • The Water (aka lakes, creeks, rivers)
    Spoiler alert: this is where you’ll find water-types

    • Buffalo River
    • Caz Creek
    • Lake Erie
    • Niagara Falls – you didn’t think they’d leave this gem out, did you?
    • Outer Harbor
    • literally any body of water because this game/app is all-knowing and perfect

One of the coolest things about Pokemon Go is the way it incorporates local places and things of significance and gives a brief description on them, thus teaching you about your City as you play. We’ve heard tons of stories about people who have learned things about Buffalo from playing Pokemon Go which is super cool and makes us wanna sing ~you teach me and I’ll teach you, Pok-e-mooooon~. Plus lucky for us many restaurants, bars, and stores along the way double as PokeStops and Gyms – hellooooooo mid-hunt libations!
Show us your Pokemon! Hashtag any photos you upload to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter with #hashtagstepoutbuffalo and we’ll share our favorite ones on our website. Did your favorite hunting grounds, PokeStop, and/or Gym make the list? Let us know in the comments!
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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Lauren Spoth</a>

Written by Lauren Spoth

Lauren is the Creative Marketing Director at Step Out Buffalo aka the person who posts all those memes on social. A lover of Buffalo, food, travel, and animals, she can usually be found trying different local restaurants while planning her next adventure and asking passersby if she can pet their dog. Follow her dog-petting adventures on Instagram @laurenspoth
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