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Best Ways to Spend Your Time While Social Distancing in WNY

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Written by Morgan Culhane

Published on March 20, 2020
Allentown street art

The Voyage

Have you heard? Due to Covid-19, we’ve temporarily changed our motto to “Stay In, Buffalo”.  And for the foreseeable future we will be posting content that shares how our community can continue to support local businesses while adhering to guidelines set by the CDC.⁠


Social distancing is the new normal right now. 

Experts say social distancing could help slow the spread of COVID-19. We are listening to these experts. Think about it. The pros (staying in is the #1 way to help local businesses) outweigh the cons. 

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay busy, connected, and entertained while practicing social distancing. This just in: playing basketball is not one of them according to the Gov’na. Neither is spring break partying. We’re lookin’ at you FLORIDA! 👍🏻

If you’re worried about getting cabin fever specifically, we have a few recommendations for you. 


1. Take a Walk

Staying active and getting a daily dose of fresh air can make a real difference. Even a walk around the block is a good idea. There are plenty of public parks in the area worth exploring. If you’re looking for inspo, check out our list of Buffalo/Niagara’s Most Enjoyable Parks. Pro tip: Governor Cuomo has waived all entrance fees to NYS Parks. There’s nothing stopping you from getting in your car and driving to see the falls on the American side, guys. Just don’t touch anything.


2. Go for a Run 

The gyms are closed, but finding ways to get your heart rate up is still super important. If you run regularly, you may already have a route you love. If you’re looking for routes to explore, our guide to 7 new running routes to try was written for you. 


3. Go for a Hike 

Take a hike… literally. Our backyard is beautiful and it’s the ideal time for solo explorations. Whether you are looking for a challenging hike or a laid back stroll, there’s tons of options. If you’re not quite sure where to start, our guide to Buffalo’s best spring hikes. P.S. If you have a furry friend at home, bring him or her along for the adventure. There’s plenty of dog-friendly trails in the area. Also 10 outta 10 recommend taking this newfound free time of yours on the road to Letchworth for the ultimate SD hike.


4. Take a Bike Ride 

Your favorite spin class may be cancelled, but you can still clock in some hours on a bike. A regular bike that is. Taking in the sights and sounds by bike can be really therapeutic. There’s a surplus of trails in and around the city. If biking is on your list, click through to find our guide to the best bike trails in WNY. 


5. Look at Street Art

If exploring the local street art scene is on your list, now’s the ideal time. We even created Street Art Neighborhood Guides for you. From Allentown to Elmwood to Hertel to the West Side, there’s so much to see. These guides will tell you exactly where to find the murals. 


6. Stay (Virtually) Connected 

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean emotional distancing. There are a few different ways to tackle this one. First, take the time to connect with family and friends via text, phone call, or video call (hello group Facetime). While this won’t replace the feeling of face-to-face connections, it’s the best alternative right now.

Second, check out all the virtual experiences happening as a result of this bizarre situation we’re in. Head to our Guide to Virtual Experiences in WNY During Covid-19 for online cooking classes, fitness classes, live streams of concerts, and more.


7. Make a Buffalo Bucket List

There’s nothing like being told you can’t do something to make you want to do it. If you find yourself with extra time on your hands (LOL), take advantage of this time to think about all the things you find yourself wanting to do around town but can’t. We’re going to need to step out in full force to pick WNY up after this mess, so having a written list of all the places you want to cash mob post-corona crisis will be helpful. 


Connect With Us

What are you doing to keep busy, stay connected, and not go stir-crazy? Seriously, we want to know. Send us a message, so we can update this list. 

Written by <a href="https://stepoutbuffalo.com/author/morganculhane/" target="_self">Morgan Culhane</a>

Written by Morgan Culhane

Morgan is a storyteller with a passion for exploring Buffalo's food and beverage scene. She enjoys drinking craft beer so much that she started a business dedicated to promoting this industry. As the co-founder of Content on Draft, she develops social media marketing strategies for craft beverage companies in Buffalo and beyond… and she loves it!
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