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Big Fat Paulies2

Day #3: Big Fat Paulie’s

South Buffalo

1775 S Park Ave, Buffalo, NY 14220 / (716) 822-0024
SOB Listing


Pizza Journal: 

Big Fat Paulie’s in South Buffalo was a last minute decision to add to our list. I had heard little about it, but what I had heard sounded good. I’m thrilled to report that the recommendation was spot on. Big Fat Paulie’s is what I look for in a WNY pizza. The dough is soft and flavor is plentiful thanks to the sauce, cheese & peppperoni. It’s coming at you from all angles. This pie is good old fashioned satisfying.


Tester Observations:

CRUST:  good dough, not crunchy, more soft – in the best way

SAUCE: average amount, on the sweeter side, a lot toward the crust – which makes for tastier crust.

CHEESE: a lot of cheese, different, very flavorful

PEPPERONI: crunchy edges, very good flavor, very spicy


See where this pizza’s crust, sauce, cheese and pep fall on our observation meters. More importantly – what rating does it get on our LIKE-O-METER:



Do you agree? disagree? Comments welcome below! We know this is a touchy subject…


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