Bringing the Heat: 5 Picks for Spiciest Indian Food in WNY

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Written by Warren C. Daniels Jr.

Published on January 1, 2022
Photo courtesy of India Gate

Buffalo may be known for Chicken Wings but they are far from the height of our culinary awesomeness! Our area is full of little treasure troves of food stuffs. One of our favorite specialties is Indian food, and there are a few must visit gems in Buffalo that offer some of the spiciest Indian food in WNY. Indian chefs are known for the spiciness of their food, so it is only natural that we find out who is really packing the fire. We must state, however, that Indian food is full of flavor and is a delight even without the heat, so if you aren’t ready to test your limits, you can always go mild.


Photo courtesy of Kabab & Curry

1. Kabab & Curry

8445 Main St, Williamsville, NY 14221 / More Info

Kabab & Curry is a southwest Asian restaurant focusing on Indian and Pakistani food. One of the first things you’ll realize upon your visit to the restaurant is the amazing service. From the time you walk in to the time you are seated, the staff makes you feel like a welcomed guest. They can discuss the menu with ease and will even offer to serve the heat on the side, so you can ease yourself into it, of course. The atmosphere provides for a fine dining experience and the food complements that feeling. If you are looking for dishes full of flavor and spice, look no further than Kabab & Curry. The flavorful food and experience provided easily call for the number one spot on this list. Take a look at the menu yourself.

From the drink menu check out the Masala Chai tea, Saffron and Lassis. If you’re going to test the heat, get some Dahi from the list of sides, you may need it. Our favorites on the Appetizer menu are the Samosas, Aloo Kababs and Pakooras. The Mulligatawny soup is pretty good, as well. All the Naan bread is awesome, but a must try are the Garlic and Paneer Naans. Any of the curry dishes are recommended, but a few of the must have entrees include the Chicken Mahkani, Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masala and the Karahi. If you’re interested in something from the Vegetarian menu, the Malai Kofta is delicious.

Photo courtesy of India Gate

2. India Gate

  • 1116 Elmwood Ave Buffalo New York 14202 / More Info
  • 1264 Hertel Ave Buffalo NY 14216 / More Info

At India gate the prices are comfortable and they food is packing the heat. The service here is just as awesome as Kabab & Curry and the food is a contender for that first spot on this list. India Gate makes sure the spice is kept to a level you can handle, and aside from Kabab & Curry, there is no equal in Buffalo when it comes to the heat. I suggest ordering an Alu Mater Samosa for an appetizer, some Onion Kulcha, and for an entrée (seriously, anything at this place will leave you wanting more) try the Chicken Curry, Chicken Tikka Masala or Lamb Vindaloo.


Photo courtesy of Jewel of India

3. Taste of India

3192 Sheridan Dr, Amherst, NY 14226 / More Info

Boasting a 25+ year operating history, the Taste of India looks to impress every customer. The food and friendly, attentive staff show exactly why this restaurant has enjoyed the longevity that it has. The dining room is quaint and set up for a quick bite to eat or a dinner out with the kids, but it is truly the food that keeps the customers coming back. I have yet to have a dish here that didn’t meet my expectations.

Keeping it simple, they offer a choice of mild, medium, spicy or hot and the spice blends hit these levels with perfection. There are a few specific things I would not miss trying here. For appetizers, it is a safe bet that the Lamb Samosa will get you started off right. I would also try the Saag Naan or Tandoori Roti for your choice of bread. The Seekh Kabab from the clay oven is delightful and the Lamb Curry is perfectly balanced. They also have one of the best Chicken Malai dishes that I have had to this day.

Photo courtesy of New Jewel of India

4. The Jewel of India

1609 Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, NY 14217 / More Info

The first time I went to the Jewel, I was with my wife and three children. It was the first time the kids had ever eaten Indian food outside of what I cook at home. Plainly put, they loved it. My biggest excitement about this trip was how my eldest daughter would handle the spice. You have to understand one thing about my daughter, she is crazy about the spicy food (no joke, this girl drinks hot sauce from the bottle) and she didn’t think that they could challenge her taste buds. So, I bet her to get the hottest level they had. Of course she loved it, but even she had to sip on her mango milkshake a few times. So I’d have to say, because the heat master herself took the taste test, I think the Jewel passes with flying colors and is in the running for the spiciest Indian in town. What’s recommended? Well the kids loved the mango milkshakes. My younger kids liked the Alu Paneer Naan and Makhani sauce with rice. The curry is some of the best in Buffalo and the Tandoori Chicken was phenomenal. I would also try the Jeera Alu; it undoubtedly has the yum factor you look for in Indian food.


Photo courtesy of Taj Grill

5. Taj Grill

2290 Delware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202 / More Info

The Taj Grill has a lunch menu that is top notch. The restaurant is crisp, clean and bright, which makes for an inviting atmosphere for the buffet style lunch. What I have tried and can recommend for sure, is the Chicken Curry, Saag Paneer, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Curry and Beef Vindaloo. I suggest you ask beforehand, but if the buffet doesn’t have the spice you need ask them to help add a kick to your current plate. Take some time to look over their menu and see what else they have.

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This post was originally published in 2015 and has been updated.

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