Brunch in Buffalo

Ahhhh brunch – the most important and Instagram-worthy meal of the day.  There are plenty of Great Spots for Brunch in Buffalo & WNY that offer the perfect blend of breakfast and lunch favorites all wrapped up into one. Toss in some Mimosas or Bloody Mary’s (or both) and you’ve got yourself a helluva start to your Saturday or Sunday. Without further ado, here’s your go-to guide for Great Spots for Brunch in Buffalo, Niagara, & WNY. Brunch can sometimes be on-again/off-again for some establishments. Please check times and dates with individual restaurants.

Find the Perfect Spot for Brunch 

Sunday aka your last chance to get brunch until next weekend. Maybe you’re hungover, maybe you went to church, maybe you just really like sleeping (we get it). Whatever your situation may be, these Restaurants Serving Sunday Brunch will keep your belly satisfied and your taste-buds satiated until you can brunch again next weekend.



This could be just about anything, anytime, anywhere, but what could be more fun. Maybe a popup on the waterfront, a takeover at the pub or a special at the legion. These Brunch Events in and around Buffalo are sure to satisfy.

Please check to see if these events are a go.

No matter which way you cut your quiche, brunch is special. Let us know how we can improve our Great Spots for Brunch in Buffalo, Niagara, & WNY via our brunch recommendations and listings of restaurants that offer brunch. As always it is best to contact the restaurant in advance as restaurant hours and programs change frequently. Enjoy brunch Buffalo!


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