Sunday Brunch with a View: William K’s

Update July 2020: William K’s has moved to a new address

The Dish

William K’s opened in early January of this year to bring a new dining experience to the people of Buffalo. And that they did. William K’s has created a chic environment to enjoy cocktails, food, and conversation with a view just passed Canalside. William K’s unique location and stunning view of the water combined with a hearty brunch menu and refreshing cocktails makes for a lovely Sunday brunch. Also, did I mention the view?


William K's Buffalo restaurant killer view


The Story

On a rainy Sunday afternoon, a couple friends and I headed to William K’s for brunch after hearing good things about their dinner menu. My friends started with a mimosa and a bloody while I opted for the “Fairlead”, a cocktail comprised of cucumber, rye whiskey, Pimms #1, and fresh lemon. My cocktail was thirst-quenching and delicious, and the mimosa was mostly champagne, exactly as it should be. The bloody mary was good but on the bland side for those of us who like it spicy. My friend was definitely upset that her travel bottle of hot sauce was left in her other purse. You win some, you lose some.

Since I am of the belief that brunch is a meal that you order appetizers for, we ordered a couple sides to start: Tyler’s Pecan Sticky Bun and grilled bacon. It’s obvious that Tyler knowshis way around a sticky bun and the grilled bacon was perfectly thick and greasy. My hangover was almost cured. Apparently we were all ready to get more red meat in our bellies, because by the time we ordered our main courses we all chose stick-to-your-ribs dishes, with the intent to share. #always

William K's Brunch Review
Fry Up / Photos by Adrianne Salmon

We filled our table with:

  • “Fry up” – 2 Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, crispy potatoes, Brunner’s English muffin
  • Corned beef hash – Fried egg, crispy onions
  • Bacon & Egg Pizza – 45-minute eggs, greens

With the fry up, we got a few more strips of the finger-lickin’ bacon, along with a couple sausage links which were equally as palate-pleasing, two perfectly cooked sunny-side up eggs, a generous portion of home fries, and a scrumptious homemade english muffin. Our server also brought us homemade apricot preserves to spread on the english muffin which were yummy. The combination of everything together was enjoyable, and I was very impressed with Brunner’s english muffin. The only thing I would have changed is the crispiness of the potatoes (I like ’em a liiiittle more crispy) but they still accompanied the scramble well.

The corned beef hash was nice and seasoned, just as I hoped it would be – cut into thick, fatty cubes of excellence. The egg was another skillfully cooked one. “Crispy onions” means onion rings, by the way, which made me a very happy woman. The bacon and egg pizza tastes as good as it poses for the camera, and you see those three 45-minute eggs perched on top? They make for a fantastic breakfast sauce after you break them, and the crust holds up well with a nice chewy consistency. I could’ve stood for more bacon and cheese on the pizza, but let’s be real isn’t that always the case?


The William K’s Facts

329 Erie Street, Erie Basin Marina, Buffalo  /  716-852-0500

Hours: Lunch: Monday-Saturday 11:30am-3pm, Light menu offered Monday-Sunday 3pm-5pm, Dinner: Sun-Thurs 5pm-10pm; Friday-Saturday 5pm-midnight, Sunday Brunch: 11am-3pm


Restaurant Info

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