“Buffalo: America’s Best Designed City” by John Paget

Have you had a feeling lately? Felt a spark? It’s coming from within Buffalonians, Western New Yorkers, our neighbors. The spark is growing. Buffalo is evolving, our perspective of Buffalo is changing. We as a community are looking at our city from a different view. Silos are now art, history, beauty and backdrops. The water is accessible and the land around it friendly. Restaurants and businesses are excited and optimistic. Buffalonians are making the most out of Buffalo, NY.

This documentary, directed, shot and edited by John Paget, highlights the best of Buffalo, the progress & the mistakes, and the people who have played key roles in Buffalo’s recent development.  The footage is breathtaking & inspiring. The dialogue instills hope & excitement in the viewer. It reminds us all what a great city we live in, and what it can be in the future.


View all of our favorite video clips at our Buffalo In Motion section.


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