Buffalo Bucket List: Go On a Mission at Buffalo Battleground

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Getting healthy, nailing that promotion, sorting our your finances – they’re all respectable resolutions. But frankly, they’re boring af, which is why we here at Step Out Buffalo are challenging you to really step out of your comfort zone in 2017 with the Buffalo Bucket List Challenge. We know it can be difficult to constantly come up with new and exciting ways to enjoy your time here on planet earth, and more specifically Western New York, so we’re doing the work for you. Every Wednesday this year we’ll publish a new Buffalo Bucket List Challenge post with a fun / interesting / exciting / unique “task” to try.



Airsoft Missions at Buffalo Battleground

1888 Niagara Falls Blvd in Tonawanda

(716) 844-3285


Price: Laser Tag (players must be 42″ or taller) 1 session including 4-5 missions for $20 or 2 sessions with 8-10 missions for $25.  Airsoft  (for ages 10 & up) is $25 (plus the rental fee) for 4 hours or $40 (plus the rental fee) for the all day pass

Price for Airsoft Protective Gear & Accessories: The facemask is $5 and the BB’s are $4 per 400bb’s, $12 per 2700bb in bottle

Details: Buffalo Battleground is a gaming arena where you can get an interesting workout in and have access to a full restaurant and bar. Choose between airsoft and laser tag in their 22,000 sq. ft. arena. Laser tag is a fun added option, but what really caught our eye as a unique outing is the airsoft. Airsoft is a sport that allows players to use realistic looking firearms that shoot out BBs (6mm round plastic pellets). Airsoft is often compared to paintball, but we’ve been told it doesn’t hurt as much when hit. If hit with a BB, it’s comparable to a bee sting feeling. Do us all a favor and splurge for the protective gear so you don’t shoot your eye out. Get a group of friends together for an adventurous outing!

Where to Eat: They do have some bar foods at the arena, but if you’d rather step out for a bite, grab a slice at Franco’s Pizza. They have plenty of pizza options, subs, wings, chicken fingers, salads, sides, and even desserts!

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