Buffalo Bucket List Challenge: Get Your Financial S*** Together in a Fun Way

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Written by Jessica Kelly

Published on February 15, 2017

The Establishment

Photo courtesy of The Establishment

About the Buffalo Bucket List Challenge: Getting healthy, nailing that promotion, sorting our your finances – they’re all respectable resolutions. But frankly, they’re boring af, which is why we here at Step Out Buffalo are challenging you to really step out of your comfort zone in 2017 with the Buffalo Bucket List Challenge. We know it can be difficult to constantly come up with new and exciting ways to enjoy your time here on planet earth, and more specifically Western New York, so we’re doing the work for you. Every Wednesday this year we’ll publish a new Buffalo Bucket List Challenge post with a fun / interesting / exciting / unique “task” to try.
For more info on how to win prizes by actually accepting this challenge and participating via Instagram, read more here! It’s easy, promise.


Week 6: Get Your Financial S*** Together (while having loads of fun)

At this point we’re ~ all ~ starting to feel the intense lull of winter dragging its feet through the February slush.  I’m not sure about you, but I’m ready for some sunny days and food festivals already. Who’s with me? Unfortunately, the groundhog has made his appearance and we have no choice but to endure the frigid temps for a few weeks longer.  Why not make the most of being stuck indoors and learn something new for free?  
The Establishment offers classes – some with free food, all with free drinks – touching on important issues you probably face in your day to day adult life. From coming up with a student loan payment plan to budgeting for your future, The Establishment mixes in fun while giving helpful tips on how to conquer these difficult hurdles faced by so many individuals.  Sometimes #adulting just sucks, but having the help from these guys + glass of wine in hand eases the pain to say the least. Check out the list of classes via the link below and sign up for one today! We’re pretty sure you’ll *love* it.

The Establishment

5110 Main St #100 in Buffalo / (716) 276-1174
Classes are free and usually start at 6pm, but class times can vary.  I highly suggest trying Wine and Investing 101 – the most popular of the bunch!  They cover the basics of investing while taking an occasional break for a wine expert to teach you about different wines accompanied by food tastings.
Where to eat: Giancarlo’s, also located in the Tony Walker plaza just a brisk walk away (in this weather anyway), offers delicious brick oven pizzas and appetizers.  Stop by after your class for dinner and cocktails.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Jessica Kelly</a>

Written by Jessica Kelly

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