This Buffalo Business Will Send You a Weekly Dog-related Package You AND Your Pooch Will Love



Written by SOB Creative

Published on September 11, 2017

Photo courtesy of Hound Fresh

The dog days are here to stay because there’s something new in town that’s got all of our four-legged friends (and their humans) jumping for joy, and it is so, so fetch.
Hound Fresh is a Buffalo-based doggy delivery food service and it’s pawsitvely brilliant. This isn’t just any dog food, Hound Fresh understands that our fur babies deserve even more than the best because after all, these slobbering fuzzy things are actually the reason for our existence.
That’s why Hound Fresh uses only the freshest and most nutritious — and not to mention, REAL — ingredients including fresh natural chicken, fresh fruits & veggies, organic virgin unrefined coconut oil, organic sunflower seeds and Omega 3 premium fish oil. Cooked with love in their local kitchen, this wholesome, human-grade dog food promotes health and wellbeing for your beloved furry friend, because after all, we want our poochies to live furever right?

Photo courtesy of Hound Fresh

How it works

Every week, Hound Fresh will bestow a package on your doorstep. How Pawesome! (Sorry, we just can’t help it.) Inside you’ll find a week’s worth of pre-packaged and FRESH meals straight from Hound Fresh’s FDA/USDA’s inspected kitchen. These meals are catered to match your little (or big) guy’s appetite, goals, and health concerns because Hound Fresh knows that every pup is one of a kind.
You can choose between being a “part-time feeder” with Hound Fresh just for dinner, or “full-time feeder” with Hound Fresh as both breakfast and dinner. Prices vary and are based on your dog’s weight and size. Because all bodies are beautiful.
Our poochies deserve to be fed like they’re just another member of the family because after all, THEY ARE.
Bone Appetit!

Hound Fresh

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Written by SOB Creative

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