Buffalo Is One of The Only Places You’ll Find These Hard Seltzer Drinks

Labatt Blue seltzer
Photo Courtesy of Labatt USA

Seltzer drinks are all the rage, and national beer brand Labatt is getting in on the trend.

Their new product, Labatt Blue Light Seltzer, is currently available in the Buffalo area which has been chosen as a test market (among select other cities). This means we get first dibs on the all-new drink, and yeah, we feel pretty special.


Labatt Blue Light Seltzer are 100 calories, 1g sugars and 1g carbs. These seltzers come in packs of 12 and include 4 very non-beer tasting flavors:

  • Black Cherry Lime
  • Tropical Grapefruit
  • Blood Orange Grapefruit
  • Mango Lime

We can’t wait to try these new bevies, just in time for summer! Looking to find one near you? You can use this finder to see what places around Buffalo will be selling them.

Learn more: LabattUSA.com

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