Buffalo Lands on TripAdvidor & Smarter Travel lists for Top U.S Cities to Visit

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Written by HayleyPrenatt

Published on October 10, 2019

Tipico Coffee is located at 128 Fargo Ave, Buffalo and is well known for their quality coffee and modern aesthetic / Photo courtesy of Tipico Coffee

Buffalo has landed on not one but two lists by TripAdvisor and SmarterTravel for the top cities in the U.S to visit. Both of these lists mark Buffalo down as not only a great food destination but as a destination for architecture lovers as well.

SmarterTravel mentions, “Hot wing devotees have long been drawn to the city before for its famous Buffalo Wing Trail, but you might be surprised to find out that architecture fans also have a lot to discover.” True dat. Read what SmarterTravel has to say here.


While TripAdvisor says, “During your visit, try a Greatest Hits Bike Tour to see some of the city’s most fascinating architecture and learn some of Buffalo’s underground history.” Obviously, we agree. Buffalo has a rich history, and any history buff would love to spend a weekend here we’re sure. Read more of TripAdvisors article mentioning Buffalo here.

Buffalo isn’t just a city for sports fans and wing lovers anymore. With so much to do, and more tours and attractions being added every year, there is something for everyone in Buffalo, and these articles are telling the world. 

Written by <a href="" target="_self">HayleyPrenatt</a>

Written by HayleyPrenatt

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