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25 Buffalo Parks & Trails Perfect for Walking, Jogging, and Biking

buffalo walking jogging biking trails

Mayor Byron W. Brown recently unveiled the City of Buffalo’s Division of Recreation and Park’s “Walking Parks and Trails” guide consisting of maps for a whopping 25 different walking, jogging and biking paths. The paths are great options for exercise and recreation as the weather finally becomes what we all need it to become – DECENT.


The guide was produced in partnership with the Olmsted Parks Conservancy and the Tifft Nature Preserve to give Western New Yorkers more options for getting outside as we try our hardest to keep physical distance as the region remains on pause in some form or another. Huge shoutout to everyone who put this together – it’s fantastic as you’ll see for yourself in this downloadable version.

Mayor Brown said, “We have witnessed large crowds gathering in some of our most popular parks as people go outside for exercise. This guide will help everyone find alternatives by highlighting the many different outdoor venues they can use to avoid those crowded areas while still enjoying all of the unique and engaging green spaces and parks Buffalo has to offer. I want to thank the Olmsted Parks Conservancy and the Tifft Nature Preserve for working with the City to make this guide available and encourage everyone to explore these other areas of Buffalo.”


The guide will help you seek out new routes and combat your “same old thing syndrome”, not to mention the benefits nature and exercise will have in terms of reducing stress and keeping healthy.

Along with mapped out routes and valuable visuals, the guide comes with several social distancing tips, noting that those using these trails should adhere to the following practices:

  • Do not use parks or trails if you’re exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19
  • Follow the guidelines laid out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on social distancing, hand washing and sanitizing before, during and after being outside
  • All parks are open for passive use only, from sunset to sunrise – no activities after dark
  • Follow social distancing guidelines – a minimum of six feet apart
  • Please step off the trail or path to ensure that that minimal 6 feet of distance when passing someone
  • If the parking area looks full, choose another location

The new alternative “Walking Parks and Trails” program features 25 City parks and trails, with marked routes.

Click here for a downloadable full list of walking parks and trails and recommended routes.



25 Alternative Walking Parks & Trails in the City of Buffalo

1. Riverside Park

1.2 Mile Loop, 20 Minutes


2. George Washington Park

1.3 Miles out-and-back, 25 Minutes


3. Shoshone Park, Minnesota Linear Park, and North Buffalo Rails to Trails

2 Mile Loop, 35 Minutes (walk), 20 Minutes (Bike)


4. McCarthy Park

0.6 Mile Loop, 10 Minutes


5. Roosevelt Park

0.3 Mile Loop, 5 Minutes


6. William Gaiter Parkway Pathway

1.6 Miles Out-and-Back, 30 Minutes (Walk), 15 Minutes (Bike)


7. Delaware Park: Meadow Loop

1.8 Mile Loop, 30 Minutes (Walk), 20 Minues (Bike)


8. Delaware Park: Hoyt Lake Loop

1 Mile Loop, 20 Minutes


9. Jesse Kregal Pathway

4 Miles Out-and-back, 75 Minutes (Walk), 45 Minutes (Bike)


10. Unity Island Park, Shoreline Trail, and Broderick Park

3.2 Miles Out-and-back, 50 Minutes (Walk), 30 Minutes (Bike)




11. Walden Park

0.5 Mile Loop, 10 Minutes


12. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park

1.1 Mile Loop, 20 Minutes


13. Front Park

0.8 Mile Loop, 15 Minutes


14. Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Centennial Park

1.8 Mile Loop, 30 Minutes (Walk), 20 Minutes (Bike)


15. JFK Park

0.9 Mile Loop, 15 Minutes


Click here for a downloadable full list of walking parks and trails and recommended routes.


16. Erie Basin Marina

1.7 Miles Out-and-back, 30 Minutes


17. Franczyk Park

0.6 Mile Loop, 10 Minutes


18. Houghton Park

0.4 Mile Loop, 10 Minutes




19. Mungovan Park

0.25 Mile Loop, 5 Minutes


20. Cazenovia Park

1.2 Mile Loop, 20 Minutes


21. South Park

1 Mile Loop, 15 Minutes (Walk), 10 Minutes (Bike)


22. Union Ship Canal Commons

1 Mile Loop, 15 Minutes


23. Tifft Nature Preserve

Multiple trails available, no pets allowed


24. Shoreline Trail: Outer Harbor Pathways

6.0 Miles Out-and-Back, 120 Minutes (Walk), 60 Minutes (Bike)


25. Shoreline Trail: Ohio Street Pathway

2.8 Miles Out-and-back, 45 Minutes (Walk), 30 Minutes (Bike)


Click here for a downloadable full list of walking parks and trails and recommended routes.

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