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Written by Brett Llenos Smith

Published on May 5, 2015
Buffalo Porchfest

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Porchfest is slowly becoming a greater-Elmwood Avenue institution that pops up every spring and summer. With free “acoustic level” performances stretching from Gates Circle to Allentown, there’s no good reason not to step out, do a little pre-gaming at Blue Monk or Coles (if that’s your thing) and see some free live, local and original music.

After listening to all the acts, I’ve picked out a few that might be of interest. The number next to the venue address correlates to the venue number on the official Porchfest map. We’ve also posted a map with our picks highlighted below.

Finally, Porchfest goes off rain or shine so pack an umbrella if the weather looks dicey.


Bidwell Park Area

#1 – 1034 Elmwood Ave. (1:30p – David Nolf, 3:00p Radarada, 4:30p Death Picnic w. Short Moscato)

Tonight Show band The Roots rose to fame by playing the live old-school hip-hop on display from these acts. Funky and rappy.


#5 – 12 Soldiers Place (1:30p Wolf)

With a booming voice lace with melancholia, Wolf (aka Chelsea O’Donnell ) has a firm grasp on 90s style alt-pop.


#12 – 675 Richmond Ave. (2:00p Shevy & the Pulse)

Shevy & the Pulse play powerhouse acoustic folk pop that recalls Buffalo’s patron saint of folk – Ani DiFranco.


#20 – S. Putnam Ave. (3:30p Heenan Brothers, 4:30p Greg Barresi)

Authentic Americana from these two acts.


#25 – 536 Auburn Ave. (1:00p Pete Kremer, 2:00p Harvey, 3:00p Porcelain Train, 4:00p Chris Squier, 5:00p Last Calls)

All these acts play super-tight folk pop and command the stage like the cagey veterans they are. If you want to see well-constructed songs and a mature stage presence – this is your venue.

Elmwood & Lafayette

#22  183 St. James Place (2:30p Coral Collapse)

With just a few demos posted online, Coral Collapse is a super new modern indie-pop, like the kind that might fit easily into a 107.7 playlist. The demos are impressive though and you should really consider checking this band out.


#16  568 Lafayette Ave. (2:00p Tilapia, 3:00 Luanjie, 4:00 Last Sentry, 5:00 G Dogs, 6:00 Patti Parks)

If you’re headed out to Porchfest for some hard rock, this is the venue for you.


#17  587 Lafayette Ave. (4:00p Joseph Wright)

Wright performs intimate acoustic indie pop that all but invites you to sit down on the porch right next to him as he plays.


#18  739 Lafayette Ave. (5:00 meet the bacons)

Meet the bacons do folk Americana that’s sure to get toes tappin’.


Random spots

#27 – 625 Breckenridge St. (3:00p Pete Sorkin, 4:30 Wood Bois)

Pete Sorkin plays instantly-familiar-sounding classic pop on guitar and piano. Wood Bois use retro synthesizer sounds to LOL at the 80s.


#34  509 Linwood Ave. (3:00p Ruckman & the Basterds)

Ruckman and/or the Basterds need to step up their online footprint, but this crappy cell phone video of a Fleet Foxes cover was enough for me to recommend them. Check it out and you be the judge.


#35  77 Hodge Ave. (1:30p dreambeaches)

dreambeaches is a new project by Humble Braggers  bass player, Corey Bzibziak, and the first single “Trademark” is already turning heads.


#39 – 179 Richmond Ave. (1:00 Moretti, 1:30 Pine Fever, 2:30 Lesionread)

Pine Fever does moonshine swillin’ Appalachian folk like no one else in Buffalo. Lesionread’s acid-damaged electro-rock freakouts are the yin to Pine Fever’s yang.


#41  135 Park St. (2:00p BP duo-ver, 2:30 Jack Topht, 3:00 Like a Panther)

Its New Orleans-style jazz from BP duo-ver, alternative rap from Jack Topht and indie-garage rock from Like a Panther (featuring this humble reporter) on a bill that only makes sense in Allentown.

For more info check out Buffalo Porchfest on Facebook, Twitter or their website and click here for the full band list.

Buffalo Porchfest

Porchfest map with SOB picks circled / Image from



Saturday, May 9

1PM – 6PM

Porches around Elmwood Village


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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Brett Llenos Smith</a>

Written by Brett Llenos Smith

Brett Llenos Smith is a freelance writer based in Buffalo’s Allentown neighborhood who has been covering local food and culture for Step Out Buffalo over the past six years. As someone with a multi-ethnic background, he has a passion for exploring and understand the many diverse corners of Western New York.
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