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Written by Daniel Meyer

Published on September 14, 2015
Best Beef on Weck in Buffalo, Step Out Buffalo

The Bar Bill Beef on Weck / Step Out Buffalo

Buffalo will always be known as THE PLACE for chicken wings. You will get no arguments here that this region’s identity will forever be linked to the unique culinary treat, but it should be noted that Western New York is also the home of some other fabulous food items, including the beef on weck sandwich.

A staple at numerous restaurants, bars, pubs and taverns throughout the area, the carved roast beef sandwich served on a salty kimmelweck roll sounds simple enough, but while many establishments serve the popular dish, there are only a handful who consistently do it exceptionally well.

Below is a list of some neighborhood-style restaurants in the Southtowns area of Western New York who offer on their menu top-notch beef on weck sandwiches. As always, feel free to pass along your thoughts, comments, questions, concerns and of course suggestions in the comments section. We’re ready for ya.


Best Beef on Weck in Buffalo, Step Out Buffalo

Beef on Weck at Eckl’s / Step Out Buffalo

Eckl’s Beef & Weck

Neighborhood: Orchard Park

4936 Ellicott Road in Orchard Park / (716) 662-2262

Update: Eckl’s closed and is no reopened under new ownership as of November 2016

After you are seated and gobble up your complimentary dish of pickled vegetables, simply tell your server that you are there for a beef on weck. Because after all, simply based on the name of the restaurant, is there any reason NOT to order their signature sandwich?

One of the unique things about eating at Eckl’s is that they have their carving stations set up right in the dining room, giving each patron an opportunity to watch their meat be carved. They give you the option to have it prepared a few different ways. I prefer it on a fresh, heavily salted weck roll, but you can also ask for it served on top of white bread and placed in a deep pool of gravy.


Best Beef on Weck in Buffalo, Step Out Buffalo

Beef on Weck at The Press Box / Photo courtesy of The Press Box

The Press Box

Neighborhood: Lackawanna

1841 Abbott Road in Lackawanna / (716) 823-3268

One of the hidden gems of the Southtowns is located across the street from Lucarelli’s Banquet Center. Formerly Woody’s Pub, anyone who has not stepped foot into The Press Box since it was completely renovated and remodeled needs to return and check out the various improvements both inside and out.

While you are there, definitely order a beef on weck sandwich. Their tender roast beef is presented on a tasty kimmelweck bun with the perfect amount of horseradish and au jus. In addition, they also have “beef on weck egg rolls” as an occasional special appetizer. This top-notch platter features four mouth-watering slabs of roast beef goodness served with two different dipping sauces. Truly a unique item and something you won’t find done this well anywhere else.


Steve’s Pig & Ox Roast

Neighborhood: Lackawanna

951 Ridge Road in Lackawanna / (716) 824-8601

Another long-standing establishment that continues to churn out quality meals, a beef on weck sandwich from Steve’s is never a disappointment. Their meat is always piled high, full of flavor and very tender, served on fresh kimmelweck rolls that aren’t as heavy on the salt as the rolls at some other establishments. Add your preferred amount of horseradish and you have a quality sandwich that will be more than enough to satisfy your desire for a Western New York comfort food.

Best Beef on Weck in Buffalo, Step Out Buffalo

Hoak’s Beef on Weck / Photo from Hoak’s Lakeshore’s Facebook

Hoak’s Restaurant

Neighborhood: Hamburg

4100 Lake Shore Road in Hamburg / (716) 627-4570

When certain family members and friends of mine return home to Western New York and crave “Buffalo food,” I regularly take them to Hoak’s Restaurant. In addition to the spectacular view of Lake Erie, this family-oriented eatery offers superior customer service and a tremendous fish fry. But don’t forget their beef on weck, a sandwich with a healthy portion of tender and juicy roast beef piled high on a kimmelweck roll topped with kosher salt and caraway seeds. In fact, the last visitor I brought to Hoak’s ate a fish fry for dinner and then ordered two beef on weck sandwiches to go for lunch the next day. Now THAT is a smart guy.


The Public House On The Lake

Neighborhood: Hamburg

4914 Lake Shore Road in Hamburg / (716) 627-5551

Another restaurant with a splendid view of the waterfront, The Public House On The Lake has quickly become a popular destination to see people and to be seen… as well as enjoy cocktails and of course so many delicious dishes from their menu. Their beef on weck does not disappoint, with the sandwich as close to a work of art as a food item can be. The oven roasted beef is cooked through to near perfection on an airy sandwich that keeps its integrity as you consume it. The au jus has a unique flavor, making each dip of your sandwich a true joy to eat.


Best Beef on Weck in Buffalo, Step Out Buffalo

Beef on Weck at Schwabl’s / Step Out Buffalo

Schwabl’s Restaurant

Neighborhood: West Seneca

789 Center Road in West Seneca / (716) 675-2333

Tradition trumps everything else and therefore Schwabl’s arguably serves one of the best beef on weck sandwiches not only in Western New York but all of New York State. You can’t go wrong with ordering a roast beef sandwich on kimmelweck or on bread with their mouth-watering gravy at Schwabl’s because both are consistently prepared and presented to each patron with the knowledge that you simply can’t get served a better beef on weck anywhere else. True beef on weck connoisseurs make regular stops at Schwabl’s because the expectations of what will be placed before them are always the same.


Best Beef on Weck in Buffalo, Step Out Buffalo

Beef on Weck at The Bar Bill / Step Out Buffalo

The Bar Bill Tavern

Neighborhood: East Aurora

185 Main Street in East Aurora / (716) 652-7959

You may hear someone say “that is a chicken wing place” and while we agree with the sentiment that The Bar Bill Tavern serves outstanding chicken wings, their beef on weck is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, the sandwich is listed as one of their main specialties on their menu. Hard to argue with that since the slow roasted beef is tremendously moist and fabulously delicious. The kimmelweck roll is always fresh and hearty with plenty of kosher salt and caraway seeds. It is clear from your first bite that the beef is hand carved on site and not something that is delivered to the restaurant in plastic container. Top-notch and tremendous, Bar Bill’s beef on weck is something that must be experienced.


Bases Loaded

Neighborhood: Hamburg

3355 Lakeshore Road in Hamburg / (716) 823-0158

Bases Loaded is located on Route 5 in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Hamburg. This is a fun tavern that serves a rather simple – but extremely flavorful – beef on weck sandwich. The thinly-sliced roast beef is carefully placed on a salty kimmelweck roll. Smother it with horseradish and you have a delightful delicacy that is perfect for lunch, dinner or a late night snack.


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Written by <a href="" target="_self">Daniel Meyer</a>

Written by Daniel Meyer

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