Buffalo’s Booming Mural Scene Recognized by Bloomberg

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Written by Sean Bermingham

Published on August 25, 2021

Recently, Buffalo received national acclaim for it’s assortment of beautifully painted murals which can be found all over the city on

The piece starts by featuring a 36 foot tall portrait of James Joyce painted in June to celebrate the coming centennial of his 1922 novel Ulysses. Then, an image of civil rights icon John Lewis that was unveiled on the city’s East Side community services center. These two featured murals are just the beginning of a long-list of notable larger than life paintings which are appearing across the city and mentioned int the Bloomberg CityLab article.

The piece continues on to quote Cecilia Brown, a widely renowned artist worldwide, claims Buffalo has at least fifteen more unique murals will be created this summer to decorate the cities infrastructure. She goes on to say: “the only place I’ve been with more murals is Sao Paulo” the Brazilian city notorious across the world for it’s gorgeous mural artwork.

Bloomberg CityLab discusses the artistic activity taking place in Buffalo as a reflection of the economic upswing the city has experienced in recent years. The installation of these murals exemplifies the confidence and optimism that defines Buffalo today, as well as the swagger that comes with being a Buffalonian in 2021.

What’s next? They get into that as well.

To read the full article titled A Mural-Making Spree Lifts Spirits in Buffalo on Bloomberg CityLab, click here.

Written by <a href="" target="_self">Sean Bermingham</a>

Written by Sean Bermingham

Sean is a SUNY Fredonia graduate with his Bachelor's Degree in English. As a Buffalonian born and raised, Sean is an avid sports fan, writer, outdoors enthusiast, and lover of music. His hobbies include hiking with his yellow lab, spending time with family, and making an impact in our wonderful community.
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