If This Brilliant Saturday Brunch Collab Isn't On Your List, You're Doing it Wrong

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Written by AdrianneSalmon

Published on February 21, 2018

Burritos & Brooze / Photo x Adrianne Salmon @buffalobrunch

The collaboration that proceeded Breadhive’s winter brunch installment at Hydraulic Hearth had to be a good one. I mean, let’s be honest, the basic bruncher LOVES bagels, and anything to do with them, so the success of #bagelsandbrooze was no surprise to anyone. Insert #burritosandbrooze and you’ve got the recipe for that same success. Lomo Lomo Food Truck – AKA the food half of this brilliant collaboration, has created a menu with something for everyone, and as usual, Hydraulic Hearth’s bar program compliments it with ease. What like it’s hard?
Let’s start by commending the very idea of Saturday brunch. We all know Sunday Funday is great and that’s when most people extract themselves from their weekend caves to do a little day-drinking / let’s be honest, cure those Sunday Scaries by getting drunk enough to forget the day of the week. But we’re proposing that starting your weekend with brunch might even be the better option. Shocking, I know. Thank you, Lomo Lomo and Hydraulic Hearth, for being there for us when Saturday brunch is in order. 

I’ve had the pleasure of attending Burritos and Brooze twice since its Fall 2018 inception. On my first visit, I had the Okonomiyaki Waffle, Rice Pudding, and a Vodka Thai. The Okonomiyaki Waffle is a waffle topped with crab, brussel sprouts, kewpie mayo, okonomi sauce, bonito flakes, nori, pickled chilies, and a soft egg. With the amount of crab present in this dish, Lomo Lomo could’ve easily charged $20 but it’s on the menu for just $12. The crab was fresh and tender, the waffle was soft as a pillow while still maintaining its integrity with all of the toppings, and the rest of the ingredients came together nicely to make it a perfect Asian-inspired brunch dish. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually could’ve done away with the egg.

Burritos & Brooze / Photo x Adrianne Salmon @buffalobrunch

Okonomiyaki Waffle at Burritos & Brooze / Photo x Adrianne Salmon @buffalobrunch

Rice Pudding at Burritos & Brooze / Photo x Adrianne Salmon @buffalobrunch

The Rice Pudding had great consistency. Not too chunky nor soupy, and toppings of toasted coconut and candied ginger that added spice and crunchiness. It reminded me of a breakfast I had in Hawaii. The Vodka Thai is one of my favorite Hydraulic Hearth brunch drinks to date. Think thai iced tea with booze (vodka, thai-spiced iced tea, and cream). If you haven’t had thai iced tea, get your butt to the West Side Bazaar for comparison.
On my second visit, I went classic and got the Breakfast Burrito with bacon, scrambled eggs, oaxaca cheese, poblano peppers, charred onions, and crema. Crispy on the outside from being finished in the pizza oven, fluffy eggs, savory bacon and just the right amount of cheese and toppings made for the ideal breakfast burrito experience. We’ve all had the unfortunate luck of eating a breakfast burrito that is just simply too soggy from either overload of toppings or the addition of ingredients that are too greasy. It’s obvious that Lomo Lomo knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to constructing the perfect breakfast burrito. Bonus – all of the burritos pair flawlessly with any Hydraulic Hearth Bloody or sparkling drink.

Breakfast Burrito at Burritos & Brooze / Photo x Adrianne Salmon @buffalobrunch

Burritos & Brooze / Photo x Adrianne Salmon @buffalobrunch

If you’re familiar with Hydraulic Hearth’s Saturday brunch program, you know that it is discontinued once the weather gets warmer. Don’t sleep on their current collaboration with Lomo Lomo. You never know when that Buffalo weather could turn, and you’re left to fend for your self-come Saturday morning. Ugh.

Burritos & Brooze / Photo x Adrianne Salmon @buffalobrunch


Burritos & Brooze with Lomo Lomo Food Truck at Hydraulic Hearth

Location: Hydraulic Hearth, 716 Swan St
Hours: Saturdays 10:30am – 2:30pm, during the winter season only
Stay social for updates:
Hydraulic Hearth: Facebook / Instagram
Lomo Lomo Food Truck: Facebook / Instagram

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Written by <a href="" target="_self">AdrianneSalmon</a>

Written by AdrianneSalmon

Adrianne is the face behind the @buffalobrunch Instagram and she's enthusiastic about the up-and-coming food and drink scene in Buffalo. When she's not brunching or writing about it you can find her behind the pine at Ballyhoo. Adrianne enjoys yoga, cycling, and snowboarding to work off all of the Bloody Marys and pancakes.
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